Finishing 2018 like a boss

I've been merrily creating and collecting brand new content for the last few weeks when suddenly I thought, hang on! This is for November!! Whhaatt??How can it be November already? 

I mean, what happened to the rest of the year? Where did all of those months go? I don't know if it's me getting older or if the time is actually whizzing by faster than the speed of freaking sound but here we are. Bells are jingling, Sir Cliff is dusting off his mistletoe and wine and Santa is buttoning up his fancy red pantsuit once again. 

It's nearly 2019 people! WTAF? 

I've pondered over this all week, in between reading over some of the quite frankly incredible upcoming content we have in store for you I revisited my Wheel Of Life from January (That made for some interesting reading, I can tell you!) and right now I am choosing, ahead of the C word season (still too soon?) to stay present. I am not going to allow the time to run away with me like it usually does, and I'm not going to miss a single minute of any day up until the end of this year. I am going to finish STRONG. 

Strong I tell you! 

How about you? What do you want out of the last two months of 2018? Deciding now, ahead of time gives you the heads up when it comes to focusing on your intentions. More family time? A finished book/blog/ sales page? An entire December off to Goddess it up during the sparkliest season of them all? 


Choose what you need and then get to work making it happen, tell me your plans in the community and let’s find ways together to step into the next two months with our best, perfectly heeled feet forwards. We've got this!

You are never alone here

To help you along the way we have an incredible November line up, including one to one video interviews in our brand new 'conversations with' feature, tips to survive and thrive in interviews (and what to wear to impress), the lowdown on the ultimate Stateside baby shower and conference hosted by one incredible Female Entrepreneur using her upcoming journey into motherhood for the good of womankind, blogs on smashing through your money blocks, having the courage to ask when you don't understand something (and its surprising benefits), are you really ready to be your own boss? and yet another fabulous female in the spotlight, the wonderful Jean Young of Uptown Girl Shoes. All of this and loads more from our awesome guest editors and bloggers too.

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