Embracing the rollercoaster

Some weeks are harder than others. Some days are an endless shitstorm of epic proportions and some are off the charts awesome. 

I say this not to bring you down, hey its Saturday after all, but to remind you that is totally OK. It's life. Those Insta and Facebook posts you secretly compare yourself to, the ones where every day is a holiday and it never rains.. god forbid aren't real. 

This week kicked my arse. Not all of it, but some. I've been worked beyond humanly sensible, had to take time away from my commitments to train and learn new things, (great in theory but in real life?) Had one of our offices broken into and drank Cabernet Sauvignon through a straw. So when it got to midnight last night and I hadn't sent out an email to you all I felt pretty awful. 

This morning I've had a strong word with myself. Firstly when I woke at 6 am with my head spinning about all of the things I still have to do, I went back to sleep. I got serious about looking after myself and put the stuff on the back burner. When I woke up again (without an alarm stinging my ears) I had some tea and sat down with my laptop to talk to you. 

I wanted to remind you that in real life, not every day is going to be all singing and dancing 24 hours of wonder but equally not all days are going to be hard either. We have to appreciate the in-between spaces as well, those moments on the rollercoaster when it levels out and you can wipe away the tears of joy or frustration and take a sip of your wine (straw optional) those moments are special too. When our offices were broken into I was devastated, not just because of the mess but because our space has been invaded. It made me feel sick and deeply sad but then one by one our amazing team stepped forward with messages of support and offers of help, my partner sat with me, picked through the mess and laughed at my fingerprinted hands and my dad sent me business continuity plans to work with, provided by someone I'd never met who wanted to help and just like that the rollercoaster began to climb again and it didn't feel so bad. I got to meet a police dog and see them in action (OMG! what a sight!) and as I washed away the fingerprinting dust I sang along to some of my favourite music blasted through the empty offices. 

This week I also had the opportunity to schedule some fantastic content for our community, speak to women all over the planet and create page after page of awesomeness on our website - exciting rollercoaster high - , I embraced a head-spinning day of legal training and another of Making Tax Digital - loop the loop and dizzying upside down bits - and I embraced fantastic feedback on our recent magazine content - exhilarating flying around the track - all in one week, and now? 

Now it's levelling out, that's where I find myself today. In my cosies sitting on my bed with a cup of tea and a cat lying so close to the laptop that it's causing it to overheat and the fan kick in. I still have all of the things to get done but for now, I'm happy. Happy to connect with you, drink my tea and then get shit done. 

How about you? Where on the rollercoaster track do you find yourself today? Wherever it may be, look for the good. Even when you're upside down it gives you a chance to survey the landscape from a different angle, and that's not always a bad thing. 

Tricia ScottComment