Countdown to Christmas

It's officially Christmas countdown, can you believe it? The shops are full of lights, tinsel and festive music and M&S are already selling out of mince pies, hurrah!  

We have so much brilliant content coming up for you over November and what better place to showcase what's going on than here in our weekly chat.  So here it is, a quick roundup of just some of the highlights over at The Female CEO, I know you don't want you to miss anything. 

Are you sitting comfortably? 

Good, now pour yourself a glass of something suitably sparkly and I'll begin..

From The Spotlight

Our fabulous featured Woman of the month for November is the wonderful Jean Young of Uptown Girl.  Business owner and passionate customer service advocate Jean has long established herself among the elite in shoes and accessories. Priding herself on offering only the very best, bespoke service for her loyal clients looking to make their special occasions even more special. Her journey from private sector admin and management to proud business owner of a proper bricks and mortar shop, Jean knows all about taking over and running a hugely successful business and customer base offering VIP events, bridal accessories and gorgeous designer, and often exclusive, brands. You only have to read through her customer reviews to see how much of an impact she makes upon her loyal fan base.I absolutely loved reading though Jean's story, such positivity and honesty from a fantastic lady.  I am both proud and thrilled to have her on board as one of our inspirational business owners and for her to share her journey with you here.

From The Guest Editors

Susan Smalley, life discovery coach is with us this month talking all about intuitive life coaching and busting energy blocks. In her featured article Susan chats to us about exactly what it is that she does and how it can work for all of us as well as a some brilliant tips and very special offer just for followers of The Female CEO. Read all about it here.

From The Workroom

Are you really ready to be your own boss? We live in a time when women, more than ever before, are harnessing their creativity and forging new paths into businesses across the globe. What a time to be alive! We're blazing our own trails, stepping into the unknown and embracing the excitement of the challenge. All of the yes to that.

If this is you, and you're considering quitting the 9-5 in favour of being the boss then one of the questions to ask yourself is how ready are you? Remember when we talked about excitement vs passion? Well, that's just one of the considerations when making a decision that has the potential to change your life and that of those closest to you. You need to be sure you've thought it out and you're well equipped to make the move. You can read the questions you need to ask yourself before taking the next step here. 

From The Retreat

The Psychology of the Entrepreneur by guest blogger Imani Summer.

'I don't separate myself out from my emotion, nor do I think we should ever feel any pressure to do so. Part of being a female entrepreneur I believe is independence of mind, and the motivation and commitment to focus on ploughing our own fields, leaving behind our own unique tracks. Why stick to well-trodden paths when there is a world out there to explore! If you're a female entrepreneur who bosses it like a badass while juggling the myriad demands of family, friends, work and the world, possibly managing a co-existing mental health condition, join the club!' 

I've read this quote so many times since Imani produced her stunning blog for us. Her thought provoking and honest account of entrepreneurism will have you hooked from the minute you start to read. You can enjoy it here.

From Entrepreneur News Global 

This was no ordinary baby shower. But then again this is no ordinary mommy to be either. When I heard from our fabulous guest editor Natasha Lee that Anistia Phiaria Thomas was having a baby shower I knew this wasn’t going to be a small affair.  So, firstly this wasn’t just a baby shower, nope, this was a baby shower and motherhood conference hosted by celebrity Mommy Blogger Mom Crush Monday’s Destiney Green at the fabulous MacRay Bay Harbor, latin and reggae music set the tone of the day, surrounded by waterfront Marina views and a 4-course nautical brunch meal. Anistia’s vision for the event, was to empower motherhood, career and life balance wellness to all attendees and beyond. The event included a Blessingway, a candle lighting ceremony highlighting her Native American heritage, a special personal message tribute from each attendee for Grand's keepsake book, and an inspirational women's empowerment panel. The event's confirmed attendees were over 100 fabulous women, a great mix of all distinguished dignitaries, influential, and mainstay Millennials and Anistia was kind enough to share the events of the day with us all here at The Female CEO. Want to know more? We've got you here.

Thats not all, we've also got your top 10 interview tips and a brilliant guide to dressing for the occasion as well as how to bust through your money blocks with guest blogger and confidence coach Natalee Tucker and the amazing benefits to asking for help, even when you feel stupid  as well as even more to come on our all new YouTube channel with guest editor Katie Foster of Destination Freedom talking to me about the beauty of seeing old things in a new light, I'll be bringing you more on our chat next week. 

Remember to keep an eye on The Community for new features, interviews, top tips, articles and blogs supporting you and your business.

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