Another milestone for The Female CEO!

I've been talking about this for a while, and as you may have noticed, I'm not exactly the most patient of individuals when it comes to creating something I really want so when I said I wanted to create a magazine for our community I expected that I would just, you know, like, get it done. 

Not so. 

The creation of this magazine is a whole entire month over schedule, I even bought a new computer to facilitate the task (helooooo 27' screen) and at that point I was set! 


It was bloody hard! It took me way longer than I thought it would to get to grips with the software and design elements and then there was the time. Oh the time! Evenings, weekends and spare minutes poured into the doing of the work so when I say to you that this project is a labour of love I really mean it. 

So what do you do when you don't know how to do something? 

When I began the various Female CEO communities they were very much based upon my own many and varied experiences in climbing the corporate ladder and starting and building businesses. I had never created a website, ever. I had zero experience of email campaigns and I didn't have a single follower. I figured if I could do it from scratch, anyone could. I wanted to use my experience to help others along the way and give some kind of light to those in the daunting place of 'holy shit I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing and it all feels so fucking massive I just don't even want to think about it' 

Yes, I've been there! 

But you know what I've learned? Those spaces of uncertainty and confusion are wonderful places to be. From there you have the power to create something bigger than you could have ever imagined and by being part of this community you have what I wish I had when I started this crazy journey. You have each other. Remember our mantra? 

You are never alone here. 

You have an entire community of people, just like you, to gain advice from and give help to. You get to receive what you need and to pay it forward too, what could be better? Not only that but you get an entire host of content, articles, blogs, videos and interviews with some of the most inspirational people who are out there, right now, doing it and telling you the bare truth of the ups and downs along the way.

I love my job.

So here we are, another milestone for The Female CEO.

I did it. 

I didn't call in a designer*, I didn't dropkick the new iMac onto the driveway and I didn't have a full meltdown (just a few little ones) and I am super proud to bring to you the launch of our first ever online digital magazine.

In here you'll find a roundup of just some of the brilliant content from November 2018 such as:

* In The Spotlight with Jean Young, owner of Uptown Girl Shoes.

* 10 Top tips to rock any interview 

* The psychology of the entrepreneur by the wonderful Imani Summer of SummerSHINES Studio

* From money blocks to money rocks by the ever inspirational Natalee Tucker 

* Are you really ready to be your own boss? 

* The happy hazard of looking stupid

and of course, coverage of the biggest and most amazing baby shower and motherhood conference of 2018 hosted by the incredible leader of females all over the world, Anistia Phiaria Thomas. Trust me, you do not want to miss this.

Even better, because its digital you can take it with you! It's readable online and available for free download.

Take some you time, have a read through and don't be shy, drop me a line and let me know what you think! The idea is to create a monthly roundup for our community members to enjoy and refer to.

*I fully support calling in the reinforcements to get shit done. For me, as founder this community I have always tried to do it myself so that I can bring the knowledge to you but yeah, designers are awesome.

You can view the magazine here.

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