Chrimbo limbo and the case of the flying jumper

Our first get together of 2019!

It feel like ages since we were here together doesn't it? (It was only last week lol). I always get that weird limbo feeling between Christmas and New Year where I haven't got a bloody clue what day it is and everything feels like it was ages ago because it was like, last year, but it was actually just a matter of days.

Chrimbo limbo!

In all honesty, as much as I love the Christmas break (I'm definitely a December, sparkly lights and Baileys hot chocolate kind of girl) I'm always ready to get back to a routine, you know?  I also adore the beginning of a new year, the possibilities for the next twelve months fill me with excitement and I want to do EVERYTHING! 

You too? 

Poor David, thanks to the onset of 2019 he's in the middle of a house war zone. Pulled out wardrobes, piles of paperwork and cries of WTAF! WHY ARE WE KEEPING ALL OF THIS STUFF!? While yet another book, CD or jumper flies across the floor into the donate or bin pile but it feels so goooood! 

See, I was inspired over the holidays after reading a brilliant book by one of my favourite authors and bloggers, Courtney Carver of Be More With Less. You might have heard of her fashion challenge, Project 333 (hence the flying jumpers in our house) or seen her on the documentary by The Minimalists on Netflix. Her book is called Soulful Simplicity and it was the perfect read for the beginning of a fresh new year. I've already started to implement my slow morning routine and of course I'm donating and throwing stuff away like a maniac so you could say it's had a profound effect on me. If you're looking for a way to build up to doing the inner work while feeling good and taking better care of yourself then I can highly recommend it*

Before I head off into the blissful abyss of more decluttering I just wanted to share a short video with you, this is the other thing that has had a profound effect on me this week. Although I am, of course, aware of the media coverage around the feminist movement globally I don't think I'd truly appreciated what a momentous year 2018 was for us. I found this on Facebook from Stylist Magazine (I shared it on our Community page too) and my heart swells with admiration and pride every time I watch it. We're all playing our part in something so special. 

Enjoy CEO's

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