Wherever you go, there you are

No matter where we go, whatever the circumstances, who we meet and what we face, the one consistent factor is always us.

How many times have you said ' I need to get away' as a result of stressful situations and overwhelm? Looking to be anywhere but where we are for a change of circumstance, hoping that it will change the way we feel when we get there? Don't get me wrong, holidays and self-care are fabulous, they can be just what we need but not as a way of escaping out own heads. After all, you've got to take your head on your holiday haven't you? It was during a particular period of overwhelm when I read the following statement; 

We will never need anything outside of this present moment because that is all there is. 

Let that sink in for a minute.

Typically, when we feel overwhelmed we look to change our outside circumstances for things to be different but what we tend to forget is that all we ever have is this moment, right now. We get in our heads and worry about what's to come. Will it work out? Will I get it all done? What if? When in reality none of it has happened yet.

Living more mindfully, present in the now is such a refreshing change. Everything in this moment is brand new, never been seen or experienced before. It's all there is. 

When you begin to embrace the moment all of the should’s and what if's fall away and we can become observers of what's in front of us at this moment. It’s really a beautiful thing to experience. We cannot disconnect from ourselves. No holiday, windfall or experience will ever take us away from who we truly are inside of our own heads so make some space up there and get to love your own company. Take that girl on holiday, the one filled with excitement, wonder and awe and leave the worrier behind. She's no fun anyway. 

Tricia ScottComment