Slow the inflow

Happy Friday Beautiful! 

Recently, I was reading a blog from Courtney Carver, have you heard about her? I LOVE her stuff. She has a website called Be More with Less and she’s all about creating simplicity in our lives. She also runs a brilliant Project 333 challenge to rid yourself of unnecessary clothing etc and dress with 33 items or less for 3 months at a time. I’m still working on that one… 

Anyway, I digress. 

In her latest blog, Courtney is talking about slowing the inflow of stuff  into our lives and it really got me thinking. 

Overwhelm happens in all areas of our lives and comes from all kinds of places that we neither expect nor think about. The constant flow of emails, the text messages, phone calls, post, clutter and even the stuff we carry around in our bloody handbags! (I am so guilty of this) it's everywhere. 

Courtney has some brilliant tips for all of the above on her blog and I would heartily recommend having a read through, I find her writing a bit like taking a breath of fresh air in the middle of the chaos of a typical working day running three businesses. A gentle reminder that there is another way. 

I noticed this for myself when my body shut me down a year ago, unable to actually do anything at all made me realise that by trying to do it all I was, in fact, setting myself up for ultimate failure. You can read all about it here but since then I am much more careful of how I spend my time and while not perfect by any means I am a lot more mindful. 

It also got me thinking about work and home life balance. Do you carry the working day across into your home time? Its easily done, especially as many of us have the ability to work from home via a laptop or mobile phone. Do you have a rest space? I really like the idea of creating a buffer between the work and home day. A walk around the block, a cup of tea and a cosy up on the sofa for ten minutes or dedicated family time straight after the working day. It’s all about creating a little bit of space to get used to ending your work day and staring your R and R time. It helps to make the distinction between the two and slows the inflow. 

We’re teaming up next month with the brilliant Andy Hobson of Mindfulness for All and he has some fantastic resources for you to help with daily overwhelm. I'l be back to tell you all about it and our confidence topics the month soon so watch this space!

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