Stop. Breathe. Appreciate

Stop. Breathe. Appreciate.

Whatever you're doing and wherever you are just stop and look around you.

What can you be grateful for in this moment?

This thought occurred to me today as I was working from my garden. The sun was shining, I had a large salad on the table and some music playing in the background but I wasn't thinking about it. I was just in the 'doing' of it. It's the same as we do every day. No mater where we are or what we're doing we tend to just be in it. Unfocused on anything but the task at hand, scrolling, scrolling, scrolling endless social media feeds almost unconscious to the wider world.

Thankfully, I caught myself in this state today and just stopped, looked around and challenged myself to find three things I could be grateful for in my immediate surroundings. It's amazing the effect that 'waking up' has on us. I felt better, lighter and a LOT more appreciative. In turn that made me more connected and grounded to my work and it flowed so much more easily. Its like a domino effect.

Try it and see for yourself!




Tricia ScottComment