Comfort zones are SO last season!

Are you sitting comfortably? Yes? Time to move!!

I know your comfort zone is awesome, it feels safe and life just ticks along nicely but if you're here for greatness then you're going to need to take a trip outside of your happy place every now and again to move forward.

I'm not saying life should be a constant struggle, far from it in fact! But in order to get visible, stand out in your field and be noticed there are times it's going to feel allllll of the uncomfortable. Whenever you feel like that embrace it. It means change is happening and we need change to grow. Get to grips with that scared inner child or whiny teenager and tell them its OK. Show yourself some love and understanding and then move it along.

I'm a great believer in checking in with myself whenever I feel a bit 'off' It inevitably always means there's something going on that i'm not paying attention to. Once its addressed it goes away happy and recognised and I can move on. Try it for yourself. Look at any feelings of agitation, fear or wanting to lock yourself in the nearest cupboard and hide and address whats going on. Are you changing? Are you being pushed to do something you're not sure about?

Fear show us in all sorts of ways (lots of them helpful) and it's just our job to see it for what it is.

I believe in you

Tricia ScottComment