No matter where we go, what the circumstances, who we meet and what we face the one consistent factor is us.

We want change and we look everywhere to find it. We look to past mistakes, future plans and invest in all the latest gadgets but in truth all we really need is ourselves.

We will never need anything outside of this present moment because that is all there is.

We consistently look for someone to make us happy, we ask what if over and over again. What if it doesn’t work out? What if it's better than I ever imagined? We worry, stress and strive but in every circumstance… there we are.

Living mindfully, present in the now is such a refreshing change. Everything in this moment is brand new, like it's never been seen or experienced before because truthfully now is all there is. All of the ‘should’s’ fall away and we become almost childlike in wonder and awe at what's in front of us in this moment. It’s really a beautiful thing to experience.

We cannot disconnect from ourselves, no holiday, windfall or experience will ever take us away from who we truly are.

Wherever we go, there we are so since you’re taking you everywhere, you might as well get to love your company!

Tricia ScottComment