That's right, you didn't misread it.

In a world FULL of GO BIGGER, WORK HARDER, PUSH YOURSELF I'm advocating some slow time.

Often we take the former advice of 'you've got to work hard for money' and that's exactly what we do. It works too, for a while. What about in a few months time though, or a few years (if you make it that far) when you're so burned out, that you can barely find the energy to engage with your customers let alone function running your business at a high level? You see the secret is simply 'balance' Just because it's simple doesn't mean it's easy - don't confuse the two.

You have to schedule time in your diary for nothing, don't laugh! I mean it!

You need to MAKE the time to take it easy, read something you love, walk on the beach, dance, sing, family time, sports, whatever it is for you just make sure you do it. I love the quote 'Everything works better after you unplug it for a while, including you' and it's so true.

I've done it, I've worked countless 60, 70, 80 hour weeks, I've not slept, lived on coffee and missed weekends and events so that I could get ahead but It doesn't work. My body eventually stopped me in my tracks, I became ill, so sick I couldn't leave the house for a month. Computer screens made me dizzy and sick I was forced to stop - completely.

A few months on and a whole lot better I can see it for what it was. A clear warning and I am grateful that I was able to hear it. I urge you to do the same, don't make the same mistakes. There is a time to work, a time to go all in with your businesses but there also has to be a counter balance to that. It doesn't have to be a week or even a day. Just some time to stop and re-charge.

Sleep well, eat delicious food, love your families and friends and appreciate the time. We don't get enough of it in one lifetime so please, make the best of both worlds.

Everyone will benefit, not just you