No one is going to buy from you if they don't know you exist. Sounds obvious right?

Well not so much, I talk to people every day who are simply terrified of getting visible in their businesses. You see, once you become visible, put it all out there and get noticed (the whole effing glorious point) then you're open to opinion.

The fear of judgement lives in every single one of us and can be so paralysing that we don't move forwards. We stay where we are, in that comfort zone of just getting by. Well, in case we haven't met, welcome to my community and I am here to give you that kick in the pants right outta that zone!

You cannot be static, you cannot be hidden and you cannot hope to thrive if your audience don't know you exist. So what the answer? It's not as scary as it sounds (honest!) we live in a digital age, it has never been easier to reach an audience and what's even better news to those of you currently cowering away from your screen is that you can build up to your visibility. Blogs, email marketing, webinars, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts, Video, Live broadcasts, Podcasts, Events, Networking, Forum participation, Online groups - to name just a few.

These are ALL ways you can engage with your customer. Say hello, make yourself known, be a friendly face and have a voice. People buy from people and if they don't know you then how can you expect them to trust what you have to say or offer?

My challenge to you today is to do ONE thing to put your business in the public domain. ONE SMALL THING.

Go ahead, I'll wait. 

You can do that! I know you can.

Tricia ScottComment