This is a message I come back to time and time again in my own life and businesses.

Just today, I had this very reminder. I have been working on this project for MONTHS. Doing the work showing up, getting excited, knowing it's going to be the-most-awesome-thing-ever and I hit a block. I needed some help to finish, proper designer type help. So I've been contacting the clever people, asking for information, obtaining quotes and working out the best type of integration. This has gone on for weeks.

It felt like a big fat roadblock.

It was gonna be expensive, time-consuming and quite frankly I didn't understand it myself so how on earth was I going to make sure it was right?! Then today a friend dropped me a WhatsApp message. A simple, 'how are you getting on?' She told me about a program she was using, similar to what I needed but not quite the same. 'Have you tried?' she asked. I was just about to launch into the reasons why my project needed to be built... it needed to be complicated and take an age to work out and I stopped myself. Just look at it I told myself. Before you even reply,

And so i did, and it wouldn't work BUT two search results down on good old google and there it was. THE VERY THING I'VE BEEN TRYING TO BUILD ALREADY BUILT AND READY FOR INTEGRATION! Whaaaatttt?? All this time it was already there just waiting to be discovered. I realised AGAIN that in my lack of understanding I jumped to the not so obvious conclusion that It needed to be complicated.

Lessons have a way of coming back to us time and time again until eventually we get it. Something clicks in our brain and there it is. The proverbial penny actually drops. This particular lesson has come to me many times, for many reasons.

Never be afraid to explore the most basic, simple options available. Life isn't meant to be a struggle, it's all about our perception of what is

Simplicity is indeed the key.

Tricia ScottComment