Step away from the drama, I repeat, step away from the drama.

There are ALWAYS going to be those people around you who feed on the negative. It's all too easy to say, just distance yourself altogether from those people. Viola! Problem solved right?

Well, no. It's not always possible or practical, is it? What if it's your immediate family? A best friend? Can you just pack it up with a 'Se ya!' No, of course, you can't. So we have to learn to distance our minds from it, the best way to do this is to firstly recognise when it's happening.

Sometimes we're so used to it that we simply don't even consciously notice when it's happening so my first piece of advice is to get present. Catch it when it's happening and change your mindset. Don't allow it to penetrate your thoughts, keep your own thoughts positive. Can you change the conversation? Steer it in a better (for everyone) direction? If so then all the better, I promise you after a while everyone will benefit from a better atmosphere.

My second piece of advice would be that if you can't change the conversation then leave it as soon as you can without causing further upset. Remember rule number one and keep your mindset positive then, when you can leave the conversation do so and shake it off. Literally. Shake yourself and loosen up, Its a fact that when we're being negative or immersed in a negative atmosphere we tense up. So give yourself a little shake and tell yourself that you're leaving that s*it behind.

My final pearl of wisdom for today is to connect with people who think like you, people who get it and want to get up and get on. Just like negative people cause negative thoughts, positive people breed positivity. Get your thoughts back on track.

You can't afford to stay in someone else cloud, you've got a freakin' EMPIRE to build! 

Tricia ScottComment