Gratitude is indeed gorgeous. Don't be afraid to get simple. Often the most powerful practices and ideas are the most basic.

As humans, we have this crazy habit of making everything super complicated in the belief that the harder it is the better the result will be but I'm here to remind you that it's simply not the case.

Shocker... Life is meant to be enjoyed!

It's a wonderful gift to wake up every morning and have a brand new day to play with. Nothing is more simple and awesomely easy than taking a few minutes each day to appreciate what you have. It's really quite effortless but the pay off is immeasurable. Not only does it make you feel loads better but it gives you focus on the things that make you truly happy and therefore a solid indication of where you need to spend more of your precious time and energy. It's truly a simple practice that requires so little but gives so much.

Gratitude practice can be anything you want it to be. A minute or two each morning before you get out of bed or before you fall asleep, a written journal, walk in nature, meditation o just a few minutes on your morning commute. It's not difficult or time-consuming. I personally prefer early morning when I wake or just before I fall asleep at night, I find this easy to make a habit of and It sets me up for my day with a smile on my face (or its a great recipe for lovely dreams).

So I have a challenge for you. Are you in?? You know how much I love a challenge!

Express your gratitude today. Don't keep it in, let someone know that you're grateful for them, spreading joy is the ultimate game changer in everyday life. So tell someone you're grateful they are in your life, send an email or text message. Have a face to face conversation, give a compliment or hold open a door.

You never know how one small act of gratitude can change someone else's day


Tricia ScottComment