You've really gotta be mindful of the words you choose when talking about yourself, making introductions and answering the dreaded question - so what do you do? (you know I hate that question, right?)

This is where I see you struggle. You need to stand up for who you are and take pride in it. Pleeaasseee don't start a sentence with 'I'm just a ...' *slaps right hand to forehead in ultra-dramatic fashion* you've gone and done yourself an injustice before you've even gotten an answer out!

Remember CEO's, we can't all be one thing, the world just wouldn't work. You are NOT 'just' a mum, housewife, secretary, dentist, doctor or otherwise.

You are gorgeousness, unique and special. You have so much to offer this world and you must learn to treat yourself as such.

When you do you'll notice, like magic, that and others will too.