There's a lot of talk around these days about gratitude. 

Personally I practise gratitude all day, every single day. I consciously remember to say 'thank you' when something good happens. Whether thats a green light when i'm driving or a huge great breakthrough success, remembering to acknowledge the good stuff makes me feel good and guess what? I attract more good stuff! 


I also try to remember when my head hits my pillow at night to say anther thank you for all the good things the day has brought to me and for all of the amazing things coming tomorrow. 

Do you have a gratitude practise? If you don't then I would strongly recommend you think about putting one in place. Some people like to think about it all day like I do and others prefer to write it down each morning or night. Whatever works for you is perfect as long as you do it. 

*Spoiler* some days you might forget - gasp! 

You can't spoil this, if you forget then just get back to it when you remember. The more you do it the easier it is to remember. 

Goals for today? 

Be thankful.

Tricia Scott