This is one of those I feel like I want TO WRITE IN CAPITAL LETTERS FOR EFFECT

Do you ever find yourself feeling guilty for taking time for you? Does just five teeny minutes and a cuppa sound like heaven but feels like you're being selfish or bad for doing it? Let me tell you lovely, self care is NEVER EVER selfish.

I ran an experiment in our mastermind group with a room full of women, each were given a sheet of paper and asked to write down their top five priorities within one minute. Not one single person put themselves in their own top five. Whhhhhaaaaatttt??? I can guarantee after a period of time those top five priorities are not being served if you are not number one on that list. 

You simply cannot expect to have anything to give to others if you're not taking care of yourself I'm sure you've heard the old saying 'you can't pour from an empty cup' its true. So take that bath, drink the tea, eat the cake and take the break.

Everyone in your life will benefit, not just you. Now that's not selfish! 

Tricia ScottComment