You know what? You're doing a f***ing great job.

I see you, pushing on, even when its tough. I hear you when you say you're throwing the towel in and I feel you when you Just. Can't. Take. Another. Step but what i also see is the resilience you have, the tenacity to step up and persist nevertheless. Not to be silenced. Not to be hidden and not to be sidelined. You have a gift that only you can offer. You have to use your voice, you have to be visible. You owe it to yourself and the little girl you promised your success to years ago. 

You were born for great things and I am here to tell you that there are women all over the world in the same position, we are working it out, pulling together, backing each other up and lifting each other into our own brilliance.

You are awesome, keep that shit up!

Tricia ScottComment