Stands to reason right? I mean, if you don't try you never know do you? 

Things are only ever impossible if you never get going in the first place. What's stopping you taking the first step? Are you working from a place of fear? Do you already feel like a freaking one woman octopus with like a million other things to do? 

Its true, some things are going to need to take a back seat or stop altogether if you want to get serious about your mission but I guarantee if you prioritise and remember why you love it then time will come. We always magically manage to find the time to do the things we really want to do. Friday night drinks anyone? 

Of course i'm not saying that you need to give up all of the things you love, i'm definitely no killjoy but balance is the key here. What can you re-think to make more time and get going? It's not impossible. 

Be brave, you've got this!

Tricia ScottComment