We all have our personal aims and objectives in life and whatever you want is always ok, you are entitled to the life of your dreams so I say dream big.

A smallish word of caution though is not to rely on the when.. When i make five figures i’ll be happy, then we get there and we’re maybe making five figures but spending six. What then? Ah, when I make six figures i’ll DEFINITELY be happy! WOOHOO! But will you?

Money is an awesome tool, but ultimately it won’t bring you happiness. Only you can do that, so find value in today, in the people and things you have right now. What brings you joy today?

When we learn to appreciate what we have we are truly wealthy. Will you make the money? Sure! and are you allowed to enjoy it? Of course! But don’t rely on it for happiness as that really is the ultimate inside job.

One of my personal favourite quotes is from Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryen Nicodemus of The Minimalists and it goes 'Love people and use things, the opposite never works'

Tricia ScottComment