I love it.

I see so many amazing women, mothers, daughters and grandmothers rocking their businesses from home and I celebrate you. 

It wasn't so long ago these same women were made to stay at home for the cultural norm and then of course it went waaaayyyy the other way and women were rocking it and using their red soles to smash glass ceilings all over industry. It seems that balance is being restored to our world and its no longer necessary to have to make a point that women are equal (god, I hate that phrase of-fucking-course we are) its just about choice. 


Its totally ok to be a bad ass businesswoman and go home to nurture your family. Its also ok to rock your business at home and be there in your PJ's all day. The growth of technology has opened up our world and I couldn't be happier. 

I love all of it.

You have more power than ever to create a life you love.

Female entrepreneurs are changing the face of business and we're at the forefront. Today.

Tricia Scott