Be the CE-Oh! in your life.

I am not my business, I am not what I earn, I run my show differently (like, clearly!) and I am super proud to do so. You don't have to fit into anyone's 'box' corporate or otherwise.

When people ask me what I do (you know the 'polite' first question everyone asks when they meet) I love to shake it up and say something like, 'I am really passionate about mentoring other women in their businesses and I love interior design, what are you passionate about?' Try it! Once you get over the immediate blank stare followed by the inevitable panic 'SHE ASKED ME A QUESTION I WASN'T PREPARED FOR'  It actually changes the whole dynamic of the conversation.

You are not your job, your career or your pay-check. You are a fab-u-lous unique human being bursting with creativity!  Dare to think differently, shake it up and describe it any-way-you-choose.

You've got this.. I believe in you!

Tricia ScottComment