You know what's attractive?


The bare, truest and most authentic version of yourself you have to give. Do we give it?


If you want to be heard in amongst the thousands of other voices, sellers, markets and opinions then you have to get BARE. To give yourself truly in your heart to the people you serve is the most attractive and magnetic formula for success there is.

Don't be silenced, stop worrying about other people's opinions and please stop 'toning down' your words. Stand up, take off the mask and KNOW what you have to offer is the most awesome you can possibly give. Be so into your own amazing self, be interesting and different and give it from the heart and your tribe cannot help but to be drawn to you.

Not everyone will love it - that's just a fact but by being totally authentic you will find those around you to be true also and using your voice will encourage others to do the same.

We are the world changers. Be the woman they can't ignore.

Tricia Scott