You are not a square peg intended for a round hole.

Hell no.

Be unique, be the same, be whatever your truest nature is because within that is the magic. If you are working with the best version of yourself the you are operating from a place of authenticity and that always feels amazing. Both for you and for the ones you come into contact with. 

What if you just want a quiet life? What if what brings you joy is living in the slow space? Perfection, thats what. Whatever you wish for and dream of is where you need to be and that is always ok. 

You don't have to want what everyone else wants, wheres the love in that? Can you even imagine how insanely boring the world would be? Let go of other peoples expectations. They really do not matter. You matter, your life matters.  

The magic is you darling. 

Tricia ScottComment