Life is never not now

What exactly are you waiting for? 

Eckhart Tolle tells us that this moment is truly all there is. We live for the next moment, a better, brighter or more exciting time but in doing so we completely miss out a whole life which is happening right now. 

If we're always waiting for whats to come we always miss the now. 

Let that sink in. 

We are living our entire lives in a state of waiting. Discontent with whats going on now in favour of whats to come. Using now as a stepping stone to the next moment. How can we achieve a state of content or happiness is we can't enjoy our lives as they are? We have to start looking for the opportunities presenting themselves to us on every level, all of the time. Right now.

It can be tough, we're conditioned to look forward (and sometimes backwards) either holding on or planning ahead but we have to start to break the habit and we can start small. 
Look around you, go ahead i'll wait. 

What do you see? Can you find something you've never noticed before? Scan your body, head to toe. What does it feel like? Are you in pain? Feel your breath and recognise what an utterly amazing human creation you are. Regularly do this, get into a habit on appreciating whats around you. The things, people and events that are bringing joy to you, things that make your life easier, things that feel, taste and smell amazing. 

The benefits of mindfulness have been studied over and over again. Self control, mental clarity (obviously!), the ability to connect with those around us, stress reduction, greater tolerance and an improvement in the way we relate to ourselves and others with kindness, acceptance and compassion. 

Who wouldn't want some of that? 

So take a minute today, just one minute to bring yourself back to the now. Stop. Breathe. Appreciate the world around you and as your appreciation grows so too will your reasons to be appreciative.

You've got this.

Tricia ScottComment