An overnight success is never an overnight success

We have to stop looking at successful businesses and people as instant success stories.

That kind of comparison can be dangerous. In reality, most successful companies, musicians and people have taken years of work and many ups and downs along the way. Each path to success is different and we need to acknowledge that no two stories will ever be the same. Many successful entrepreneurs have faced seemingly insurmountable hurdles and adversity.

The difference is always attitude.

Know that whatever comes, you are following your purpose and its OK to not always be OK. You have to be willing to look at the real picture and understand that you can’t build an empire without first going through the construction, make each step as valuable as it can be even when it's just the very beginning and take pride in the baby steps you’re achieving along the way.

To quote one of my favourite female business bloggers Ash Ambirge ’Surely, when they built the Empire State Building, no one was embarrassed that it WASN’T JUST A BUILDING, ALREADY. Instead, they documented the entire construction process, excited to have the privilege to work on such a monumental new project’

Your business is no different. Get excited about it, this is yours! Don't be in a hurry for it JUST TO BE A BUSINESS ALREADY. Take the valuable lessons along the way, enjoy the process and stop making unrealistic comparisons on social media.

This is your journey. Make it count.

I believe in you.

Tricia ScottComment