What are you bringing to the table? Er... Hello! we're bringing the table!

Yes! We are bringing the table! Your ideas, your work and your business are good enough. No one else can do what you do like you can and you have to own it.

Every. Single Day.

You have to believe in your abilities, have the confidence to show up and stand out because no one can do that for you, You've got one shot at life, are you really going to spend it hiding out?

No way.

You deserve to be recognised, you deserve to applauded and celebrated for your hard work and you will be once you get it together. Do what you have to do, sometimes TGIF stands for The Slay Includes Fridays and that's OK - no one said it would be easy but I'm absolutely telling you that if it's your passion then its worth it.

You know I believe in you.

Bring. The. Table!

Tricia ScottComment