It's never about the money, it's about what the money brings to your life

What is money? Money is just paper that you carry around with you or plastic that you swipe in exchange for stuff. It's not the money itself it's simply what it can provide you with.

Often it comes down to one thing.


Freedom to leave the job you hate, to travel the world, to provide for your family and friends without worry. All sorts of the same thing. What does it look like to you?

What is the real value? An item's value is simply how much of your time you're prepared to exchange for it. Think about that. Is this item worth x amount of my freedom in exchange for ownership? I ask myself this a lot and it's taught me that I value experiences over stuff every time. I'd happily trade my time and freedom for a great meal with friends or a trip of a lifetime but not so much anymore for a designer handbag or a great coat.

Of course, that's just me and you are fully entitled to want whatever you want in life but I would encourage you to ask yourself the question - what value will this bring to my life and how much of my freedom am I prepared to exchange for it?

What's the real value? 

Tricia ScottComment