Be kind wherever possible - It is always possible.

I feel the world needs this message more than ever just now. The news is full of heartache, sadness and injustice. So many people I meet tell me the same thing, they're feeling it in their energy.

When I started on this journey into building a community, although I didn't know what it would look like or turn into, I always knew it had to be rooted firmly in connection, compassion, solidarity and comradeship. That's all I knew. I repeated to myself every day 'You don't have to see the whole journey, just the next step ahead'

Even now, as I prepare to launch I don't really know what it's going to look like or turn into and that's totally ok. As long as I stay true to the core values I chose all those months ago It will always be OK because it will be true and authentic.

I intend for it to be somewhere you can come to when you need a boost, a dose of kindness and solidarity and the occasional kick up the bum when those comfort zones get a little too cosy. Somewhere to learn, share and talk openly about the ups and downs along the way without fear of judgement. Somewhere you can be proud of your personal and business achievements and have a whole bunch of people cheering you on.

By bringing your authentic self to everything you do and by spreading kindness rather than competition or judgement you not only make your own life experience a whole lot better (inside and out) but that of everyone around you too.

Be kind CEO's. Always

Tricia ScottComment