When life is busy, or all your precious energy is focused on a special project, it's all too easy to find yourself off balance and not paying enough attention to important areas of your life. While you need to have the drive and focus if you're going to get things done, taking this too far can lead to intense frustration, stress and a lack of clear overall direction.

That's when it's time to take a "helicopter view" of your life so that you can start to bring things back into proper balance.

This is where the Wheel of Life can help. It a great tool that helps you consider each area of your life in turn and assess what's off balance. As such, it helps you identify areas that need more time and attention.

On the downloadable worksheet, you'll find all you need to take a good look at where you're currently at in various aspects of your life and some digging questions about how seeing it makes you feel.  You'll also then go on to look at how you can re-address the balance and bring some productivity and positivity back in. 

Sound like fun? It really is and I can't stress how vitally important its been to me to be able to check-in with myself on a regular basis and make sure I'm not drifting too far into one area and losing sight of another (it happens more than I thought it did). 

So go ahead, get out the coloured pens, glitter, wine (totally optional) and take a good look at where you're at. Only then can you really know where you're going and if you're on the right path. 

Use this tool as often as you like, I tend to check in every three months or so but even if you only do it once I promise you it'll make a difference. 


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