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Here at House of Coco, we’re all about women empowering other women, and this is exactly what Tricia Scott and The Female CEO are all about. With a background in business coaching, Tricia has created a community of women all over the world, whose only goal is to help female entrepreneurs further their businesses. 

Through mentoring, coffee break catch-ups, and informative blog articles at her very own CEO Magazine, Tricia Scott and The Female CEO are changing the world by lifting up one world changing woman at a time. In this latest #WomenWorldwide interview, we caught up with Tricia Scott and talked about what drives her passions, personal mantras, and the importance of having a kick-ass support system. Because with Tricia Scott and The Female CEO, ‘you are never alone’. 

Saving Her Elegance 

S.H.E brings all women together to embrace, empower, and encourage. We strive to uphold a presence of elegance both inside and out. Our standards are not lowered by societal views or the challenges that are placed before us. Many teens and women of today have lost their elegance due to the pressures within society, diminished self-esteem, and a lack of moral support. It is our duty to refine, restore, and rejuvenate the elegance within women of all ages through various platforms which highlight on empowering practices, lifestyles, self-esteem, and leadership building. www.savingherelegance.com

100 Women you need to know - Highlighting extraordinary girls and women

Our 19th woman you should know.... Tricia has made a career of helping other women achieve their goals, she has also proven herself to the corporate world, by never being afraid to advance to the next level. She is #ambitious and #selfless in nature. She is a #leader and #rolemodel in her community, and it is our pleasure to acknowledge her as Our 19th Woman You Should Know!


That Girl 

What's going on with That Girl? Well we're happy to announce that we're partnered with The Female CEO. Why? They have everything That Girl needs to evolve, create and collaborate with other amazing women. This platform is everything short of extraordinary. Finally there's a platform were women can be truly evolve in a creative and confident space.

Our goal is to inspire women through fashion, education, business, social awareness, girl talk, and sisterhood. We decided to team up with The Female CEO because they offer everything That Girl needs to evolve into her best her!