With Natalie Trice

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Natalie is a PR Director based in Devon and brings to The Female CEO a huge wealth of creativity, experience and ideas to inspire women on their PR journey so they can shine the way she knows they are meant to. Natalie has worked with international TV channels, leading IT companies, famous fashion houses, eccentric entrepreneurs, ambitious start-ups, and many more around the world, ensuring they secure column inches, are heard on sound waves and use PR to take them to the next level.

Today, as well as a portfolio of premium one to one clients, via her PR School community and membership, Natalie is teaching more people than ever how they can use PR to reach not only their target audience but also their potential. With a friendly but professional manner, patience and empathy, Natalie gives guidance, ideas, and encouragement and is a PR cheerleader to many around the world.

Cast Life – A Parent’s Guide to DDH, was Natalie’s first book and sits alongside her charity, DDH UK which supports thousands of people around the world. December 2019 will see the launch of ‘PR School – Your Time to Shine’ her second book and one which promises to take readers from zero to hero when it comes to doing their own PR. and as a guest editor on The Female CEO, you now have Natalie as your very own PR ninja. Hurrah!

When Natalie isn't PRing, you will find her on the beach, with her family and their dog, or in the water braving the South Devon waves on a board. If all else fails, she will be out shopping or tucked up with a good book!

For more information about Natalie and her work take a look here.



We might not even have Halloween costumes ready yet, but journalists and bloggers are well on the way to creating Christmas content and could even be trying out Easter eggs as you read this.

Newspapers, magazines, TV shows, blogs, and social media feeds all have gift guide features and they look for people like to help fill them with things people want to buy.

These tend to appear anytime from now (yes really) until Christmas Eve (think quick delivery gifts that are better than flowers from the petrol station) and they are often broken up into these kinds of categories…

Getting to Grips with PR

If you are constantly seeing your competitors on the pages of the magazines you read and on the blogs you follow, I bet you wonder how they are doing it and secretly think your products would look so much better?   

The answer isn’t luck or friends in high places.  It’s probably because they are carrying out PR activities on some level and if you want to own those column inches, then you need to get involved too.   

Where Do You Fit on the Page When it Comes to PR

When you think about pitching to media, who do you approach?   

The news desk?   

The shopping pages?   

Do you know where your story best fits before you approach a journalist? Each media outlet usually contains many opportunities for getting your story talked about.  If you get to know your target media and its different pages, sections and columns, your approach to media will be more tailored and targeted…exactly what a media pitch should be. 


As well as being a PR and writer, I am also an author. My first book Cast Life – A Parent’s Guide to DDH, came about after my second son was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and we couldn't find any books to help us on our journey. As well as writing the book, and setting up a charitable trust, DDH UK, I did all the PR and social media to spread the word and let other parents, and patients know there was help out there.

Review copies, images, competition prizes, comment pieces and several targeted press releases allowed me to work with the media to secure dozens of print and online interviews as well as radio and TV appearances and over the past two years I have been able to spread the word about my book and this pretty unknown, under represented condition.