This was no ordinary baby shower

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But then again this is no ordinary mommy to be either. When I heard from our fabulous guest editor Natasha Lee that Anistia Phiaria Thomas was having a baby shower I knew this wasn’t going to be a small affair. I first came across Anistia when we were both featured by Saving Her Elegance as one of their top 100 women you need to know and I remember reading her feature and thinking wow!- thats one powerful female entrepreneur! Anistia is CEO of Phiaria Enterprises: a multi-million dollar business portfolio that consists of business development, investments, and community development. She has been the recipient of the National Women of Excellence Award (2018), National Women’s Business Owners Association’s Top 10 Businesswoman of the Year (2017), The New Business Award, The Blue Vase, The Cornerstone Award, The Championship Award, (2) Topper's Club, District Dazzler, The Black History Maker of the Year Award, Michigan Women’s Foundation Business Awardee, and Motor City Match Award (2016), Detroit Development Fund Awardee, along with 42 other awards to name just a few.

She currently serves on 5 executive boards, was Founding Detroit Director of Walker’s Legacy- a national business collective for Women of Colour, with over 40,000 in membership, 21 chapters nationally, and 5 countries. Formerly partnered with the Obama Administration, the initiative is to provide a generational wealth platform for entrepreneurs and professionals.

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She is Director of The National Business League's Women of Colour Entrepreneurial Circle, carrying on the legacy of Booker T Washington's 100 year old organisation. Turns out, Anistia is not only one of the most driven, focused and fabulous female entrepreneurs I have ever come across but she’s also one of the nicest, most helpful and inspirational too. We chatted for over an hour on the telephone, thousands of miles apart yet she could have been sitting opposite me drinking tea, she’s the kind of woman who despite her massive success and impressive (to say the least) resume' immediately makes you feel at ease. She told me all about her plans for the upcoming baby shower and conference for her soon to be son Grand, the joys of pregnancy and the real deal about trying to relocate a business, keep your head and remain at the forefront of her endeavours and still find time to enjoy the process. The Female CEO was super proud to be involved in such a fantastic event and of course we just had to bring you the details.

So, firstly this wasn’t just a baby shower, nope, this was a baby shower and motherhood conference hosted by celebrity Mommy Blogger Mom Crush Monday’s Destiney Green at the fabulous MacRay Bay Harbor, latin and reggae music set the tone of the day, surrounded by waterfront Marina views and a 4-course nautical brunch meal. Anistia’s vision for the event, was to empower motherhood, career and life balance wellness to all attendees and beyond. The event included a Blessingway, a candle lighting ceremony highlighting her Native American heritage, a special personal message tribute from each attendee for Grand's keepsake book, and an inspirational women's empowerment panel. The event's confirmed attendees were over 100 fabulous women, a great mix of all distinguished dignitaries, influential, and mainstay Millennials.

The Motherhood panel consisted of:

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Toni Jones: Founder: WifeComma: Mom in the making and how she is preparing for motherhood

Anistia Thomas: Founder: D-Life: Motherhood is cooking + experiencing pregnancy, career demands and planned motherhood

Natasha Lee Maxwell, CEO: Making Your Dreams Come True: BeastMode Motherhood + dealing with the challenges while raising three children

Destiney Green: Founder: MomCrush Monday and majoring in motherhood: Crushing co and mastering co parenting

Meagan Ward: Founder: US Embassy Ambassador, Femology, Creatively Flawless: Empire mommy and Navigating building an empire with a husband and son

Dr. Sherelle Hobbs, Assistant Superintendent Ypsilanti: Mom of moms and experienced motherhood

Talk about an inspirational line up of superwomen! and of course, Anistia looked absolutely glowing in Haute Couture Fashion Design. A hand dyed, hand floral stitched 2 piece Swarovski crystal design by Linda Stokes of LSO Designs (The A- list Black Fashion Designer for Beyonce', Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna) and each guest received exclusive beauty bags provided by Sponsors PaperCulture, D Life H20, Front & Scenter, Socialite Beauty Essentials, The LuxeTouch, and the brilliant Crescent Beauty Supply made their debut as Michigan's first Black Owned Beauty Supply Store. This really was the mommy to be event of the year.

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Anstia said "Being a Woman who lives a lifestyle of empowering Women, I wanted my shower to reflect my personality, in which I give back to others- it didn't feel like work to me to ensure that women walked away with a piece of insight, confidence of Motherhood." I feel that Motherhood is celebrated in phases- by society which includes Mommy Shaming: when you are expecting, it's all praise, but when the child arrives, it is often viewed as a burden. Combating post partum, mental illness, daily challenges, life balance needs to be brought to the forefront, spoken aloud, addressed and supported. I do not believe in killing your dreams to become a Mother." Motherhood should be celebrated as part of the divine being of Womanhood." We need more Motherhood inclusion in the narrative."

If you want to read more about Anistia and her entrepreneurial journey you can catch her exclusive Q&A session with us coming to the Spotlight soon!

quotes from the event

Anistia showed us how we can be intentional about our baby showers;  making it a fabulous experience while also enriching the minds and the knowledge acquisition of women, I was happy to share how I show up for women’s wellness, preparing for motherhood and being a high achieving woman who practices self care as a non negotiable
— Tonie Jones
Don’t feel guilty about your ‘ME’ time. Take Your Turn. It’s ok for the children to have scheduled play dates, hang out with friends, study new things, go on field trips and spend your money. The standard should be the same for yourself. Learn to be kind to yourself as often as you are kind and supportive to your children.
— Natasha Maxwell

No matter where you in your coparenting journey, be patient. You just never know how things will evolve. You don’t have to move away to give the other person room to grow. You can give each other the mental, spiritual, and even some physical space to find out who they really need to be in order to become the best version of themselves- by taking a step back or stepping in to offer some support
— Destiney Green
To me, being a mother is truly the best job and most rewarding in the world! Having three successful adult makes me proud of my children, and it is the ultimate progress a mother could ever make in life. If there is one thing that I can say that has been the best lesson to understand, that would be, when your children are two, you watch them and tell them what to do; when they are teenagers, you set expectations and teach them how to make wise and responsible choices; as the parent of adult children, I have learned that I watch them make responsible choices and even when they do not, I keep silent unless they ask for my help and even then, I will only coach them as they make their own decision. This has caused our relationship to blossom and bloom into respect, trust and wisdom! This is where knowledge (them) has met wisdom (me)
— Dr. Sherell Hobbs

Update - Since the time of writing Anistia gave birth to her beautiful baby boy Grand Marshall Bennett Thomas on the 22nd September 2018. He is perfection, congratulations Anistia from all at The Female CEO xoxo

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