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You may not recognise it yet but by clicking on that 'subscribe' button you've taken a HUGE step towards your future. You've decided that you and your work are important enough, big enough (no matter how small) and you are so right. 

'You are enough, a thousand times enough' 

I'm Trish and I'm the founder of The Female CEO. You've probably seen me around social media (I'm a bit of an crazy insta addict) or popping up in your inbox if you're already a subscriber. There's more about me here if you want to have a nosey. This site, however, isn't mine. Well, not totally anyway, it belongs to you and every-single-other amazing member. I built this for you. 

My dream was to build a place of comradeship, connection, empowerment and kick ass energy. A sort of online community for the female entrepreneur with a relaxed magazine type feel. Here you will find blogs, monthly topics, challenges, interviews with other members, guest editors (because I'm totally ready to admit that there are far more knowledgeable people out there than me on so many things) and a non work-space where you can make a cuppa (or a G&T, no judgement here) and take a break from the hamster wheel. Meditation, relaxation, fashion, fun stuff; we've got you covered. 

I'm not big on rules, so I'm not about to lay any down here other than one specific request and one non-negotiable. Ready?

Help each other out


This is a community of non-judgement

That's it. No really. That's all there is. 

This is a community (check out the community page for access to the Facebook forum) where you will have access to each other. Share your ideas, ask for help and offer advice. We're all in this together, at different stages in the same game. Be kind to each other, there's more than enough business out there for all of us. 

Are you ready? 

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Looking for something specific? Drop me an email, I read them all personally but alas I am not wonder woman *sigh* so it may take me a couple-o-days to get back to you.