The story behind the logo

By Natasha Lee


Delores Stark was known as 'That Girl'  My mother would say "I'm that girl" whenever she felt or looked amazing. Her family, friends and even her grandchildren knew her as being That Girl.

My mother was BOLD, She was known for giving it to a person straight without a chaser. Her trendy woman fashion and style would turn heads. (Slayage day, noon and night). Her favourite accessory was her Red lipstick. She was elegant, stylish, and BEAUTIFUL inside and out! It's apparent to me that she inherited her sense of fashion from her mother, Alberta Gray who both shared the same birthday, February 15th. Delores was all about being financially stable, with that being said; Do not pass go, if you haven't collected $200. (LOL) Both our father and mother taught us the importance of hard work and being independent by way of example and lecture.

Her love for the colours BLACK, WHITE & RED lipstick is the inspiration behind the logo design and choice of women fashion, including trendy plus size clothing. 

My mother showed a massive amount of unconditional, indescribable love for her husband Major Starks, 4 children and 5 grandchildren, Dave Lee, Dewan Lee myself Natasha Lee-Maxwell and the baby of the bunch Teawanna Myles. Juwan Collins held the crown as the only grandchild for many years, then came Rashard Maxwell, Nathan Maxwell, Olivia Lee, Tia Maxwell and Omari Lee. There's nothing that she would not do for her grandchildren. Delorse loved them immensely. Indeed she was an exemplary mother and grandmother.

Outside of these things she was widely known for her humour and catchphrases including 'I'm that girl', 'Like a D on a dime" (to insinuate the matter of a fact), 'Don't get nothing on you' (to caution a person before they make a false step), 'If you're scared run' (to encourage a person to step up to the plate or run from it), and so many more.  

These catch phrases will be featured on our That Girl T-shirt brand.