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Multi award-winning business owner, confidence coach, motivational speaker and mum to the gorgeous Ivy, Natalee is the very epitome of awesome working mum rocking her business. She is living proof that you can do it all and have it all and be thoroughly gorgeous and hilarious all the while. Natalee's magnetic energy fills every room she enters and i've been lucky enough to have personally watched her transform the lives of those she has connected with from the stage. Her inner and outer beauty and unshakeable confidence and authenticity easily stand her out from any crowd and I know you're going to love her! 

So Natalee, what's your story? 

Throughout my childhood and teenage years, I was bullied quite heavily for being overweight. You know when you have those moments in your life where you can remember every detail like it was yesterday? I had one of those at 15. I was walking along with a friend and one of my other “friends” out of nowhere insulted the girl I was standing with and asked, “why are you hanging around with a fat, ugly geek.” Well never being one for being shy and believing vehemently in justice, I put her right and explained how gorgeous and beautiful my friend was and who are any of us to judge and label others.

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From this point on I made a very important decision unbeknownst to me at the time that would lead to my life’s passion which was this “I am never going to let anyone else dictate to me or others who they are and what they can or cannot do.” This has led me to my work today empowering others to truly and fully embrace the truth that they can be, do and have anything they want in life.

I know like I know that when we feel confident and enough that absolutely anything is possible. We can move mountains. It is my mission, message and purpose to empower as many people as I can on the planet to fully love themselves as when we do this is the anthesis to anxiety, frustration, anger, resentment and all those other juicy emotions.

If it is possible for me, it is certainly possible for anyone else.

 Can you describe yourself in three words?

Confident, Loving & Fun

What’s your favourite method to stay motivated?

Great question! I wouldn’t say there is one method as this is different dependant on my mood and always consists of self-care and most importantly having fun. I feel it’s important for me to understand what it is that lights me up and feels me full of joy. Here is my list I don’t do all of them each day just the one that feels right

·      Meditation

·      Journalling

·      Dancing

·      Singing

·      Having a lovely Epsom salt bath

·      Educating myself and learning new things

·      Connection and support with likeminded people

·      And many more ….

How do you handle criticism?

I think as a human, my first reaction for a split second is “wow ok” However, I relish it, as for me this is the best way to learn. I think part and parcel of living your purpose is that not everyone will like it and that’s cool with me, I do not want to work with everyone that would be too much hard work 😊Mostly I look at criticism and ask myself 3 things 1) is that true and if yes what can I do about it 2) what does this bring up for me if anything 3) let it go fast if it isn’t true for you and no further action is needed or after you have taken the action you need to.

If you could visit anywhere in the world in 2018 where would it be and why?  

Great question, I would really love to go to Teotihuacan, Mexico to see the Pyramid of the Sun. Whilst I was there I am sure I could get to a sandy beach and sip a cocktail or 10 too!

What were you like as a child/ young adult?  

Mostly as a child quite insular, I have been told since a rainbow child. Essentially a bit of a weirdo who didn’t fit in to the norm. Then in my teens I embraced my weirdness and the whole world changed.

What’s the most exciting project you have been involved with for your business?

All the things I have done in business! My job is one of those where I cannot wait to bounce out of bed to do it.

What do you believe that makes most people think you’re crazy?

Most things 😊 Not being afraid to be controversial and stand up for what I believe in, dancing and singing randomly anywhere and everywhere when the mood takes me. I could go on...

What has been your toughest situation to face as an entrepreneur and how did you overcome it?  

For me it was the transition from being a full-on work crazy hours business woman to being a mum in business. I honestly thought I would pop a baby out and things would be just the same except I had a baby …. Erm nope. I did for a while try that, I even went back to work after 2 weeks of having my daughter. Crazy right? So for me it’s been finding the harmony of first being a present parent and then cultivating my business to fit around my lifestyle. Glad to say I am totally in the groove now.

What’s your top tip for the awesome girl bosses reading this article?

Start your day every day by doing something that fills you with joy. If that means getting up 30 minutes earlier do that. I guarantee you will find, rather than rushing round like a blue arsed fly you will be so much more effective, efficient and most importantly impactful in all areas of your life.

What would you change about your journey or what would you avoid if you could do it over again?

Nothing at all. Have there been shitty bits? Of course. However absolutely everything I have done has led me to who and where I am today, so I wouldn’t change a thing.

What’s the number one played song on your iPod?

Well at the moment, probably Feel It Still, Portugal the man as Ivy dements me with that. I liked it initially. But my go to motivational song is Changing – Sigma & Paloma Faith

What do you know for sure?

That when we love ourselves fully you can truly be, do and have the life you deserve.

Do you have a book or favourite podcast recommendation for our Female CEO members?

The book I am loving now, and revisiting is “The Magic of Thinking Big” - David Schwartz

Has being an entrepreneur & girl boss lived up to your expectations?

Absolutely and beyond. I have been privileged to experience so much more joy than I ever could in a standard 9-5. I am so honoured to get to witness daily others transforming themselves and their lives for the better.


If you want to know more about Natalee or have a question about The Confidence Collective you can drop her an email at or over at her website here  - you can also chat to her via The members forum on The Community page or give her a call on 07812 052 204