With Ilana Jankowitz

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Ilana Jankowitz is a certified Money Coach born and raised in South Africa and currently residing in Zurich.

Her work is all about identifying behavioural patterns around money, transforming negative thinking and moving from a self destructive mindset to one that is positive and inspiring. She is passionate about helping women to break free from self doubt, low self esteem and lack of self confidence and move towards financial liberation and she can hep you too with her free money quiz.

You can read all about Ilana’s and my work here or on any of her brilliant social pages.

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It may sound a strange thing to say, but your money story isn’t just about money. Everything is intrinsically linked and, in addressing the story that has shaped you allows you to change how you show up in every part of your life.

How do I know? Because it happened to me.

By understanding my money story, I lost 16kg in weight…


We’ve hit the holiday season and, depending on where you are in the world, you have perhaps two, three or four weeks to go before taking a well-earned break.


But, perhaps not so wonderful if you end your holiday by looking back in regret at how much you have spent. It is one of those times of year when it is easy to be persuaded: “Go on, you’re on holiday!” as though the only way to enjoy yourself is to eat, drink and spend beyond your means. So, let me remind you of my six rules for having a great holiday – at any time of year.

the love hate relationship with your money

Hands up anyone who was raised with mantra’s such as Money is the root of all evil or Money can’t buy happiness or Money doesn’t grow on trees?

Many of us were. Perhaps you grew up in an environment of scarcity - where there always seemed to be ‘more month than money.’ Or maybe your childhood was one of plenty – where there was never any sense of achievement in getting the things you wanted. In either case, the sense of money being just a bit ‘dirty’ and not to be admired often follows us into our adult life.

Let’s take a look at money with a loving heart for all it can do for us and create a more nurturing relationship with it.