Money Blocks to Money Rocks

 By Natalee Tucker

I get it, I’ve been there and have said to myself many a time ‘I just want to get to the point where I can go to any shop I want, at any time of the day or year, and be in a position to buy what I want. I want to move away from adding up the pounds and the pennies to see if I have enough to buy it considering x, y & z is coming out of my account this month.’


‘Why is it that so and so entrepreneur has only been in business for five minutes and is showing others how to have 6 figure months and can do it in six minutes? Why am I not as far forward as that yet?’

You see, the problem is with social media is we only get to see the shiny versions of people’s lives where it can seem everyone has it all together. Then you feel like you have to put on a shiny front to keep up so your clients or prospective clients will think, like you do, you have your shit together too.

Jeez Louise that is exhausting!

Now you might be thinking that’s all lovely but this Chica is meant to be telling me how to sort my money woes not depress me at the thought of how inadequate I am But aha! This is the crux of your money blocks.

I really believe ‘yes comparison’ is the thief of all joy. Moreover, comparison and feelings of lack are the thief of dollar dollar to your bank account!

step number 1

Getting over your money blocks is to stop bloody comparing.

If you look at all the successful entrepreneurs you admire, Oprah, Marie Forleo, Liz Gilbert, and Lisa Nichols. Do you really think they waste one second comparing how they are not like person x or how other people’s stuff is better than theirs … Nope.

What they do is own their shit. This is not being arrogant; this is owning your truth.

One thing you could do is acknowledge when you do this and say aloud to yourself ‘No one has the unique set of skills, knowledge and experience I do. Let’s go empower more people to make the transformation only I help them to make’

Step Number 2

In my business I specialise in building confidence in your sales, strategy and your offer and there is one piece of advice that I give to all of my clients without exception and it’s this;

There are two things you need to start generating good revenue in your business;

1)     You need to be certain that what you offer will work for your client should they implement it.

2)     Your client needs to be certain it works for them.

You see, more likely than not, what you have is not a money blocks problem it’s a confidence to sell problem and you’re not getting yourself out there to enough people to let them know what you do.

Step Number 3

As Susan Jeffers would have said, ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.

Any change we make as humans can feel scary and alien. And so, what do we do? We get overwhelmed and go on that lovely journey called procrastination. Now procrastination is a sneaky little bugger and we can feel completely justified in our reasons and excuses not to do the one thing that will get us out of the hole.

However, what you will find is that when you push yourself through that comfort zone on the other side lies your magic.

One of the most common problems I hear in female business owners changing their money mindset is they rely on social media. (I know I harp on about social media but I do love it really …apologies Mark Zuckerberg).

The most important app or bit of tech you have in your business is your mobile phone. I know that you know at least 10 people that could benefit from your products, services, widgets or doodads. So go call them and tell them about it! Keep it short and offer them your thang, if you know it would benefit them.

Then guess what … you have money!

You can then invest that into a mentor or training or Facebook ads or whatever.

Step Number 4

You are the magic pill.

There is NO person, product or service that will give you the magic pill to get over your money shit. You are responsible for this.

You can start to love your money and create more of it by doing the above and a simple daily practice. This will take no more than 5 minutes tops per day.

  • Track your money in and out and pop it on a spreadsheet. Record money in, money out and money wins. Money wins are things you have been gifted, a cup of coffee, some flowers, a free course and you put the value of those things in your columns. As I am a spreadsheet geek, I would have 3 columns: In, Out & Wins. Then 31 rows and do the daily total in each box. Then create a new tab for every month. I have one ready-made that you can click on for free here.

  • Appreciate wherever you are at with money do not resent it. Where energy goes, energy flows. If you can be grateful for what you have that brings a completely new perspective on your moolah. Now I know that your bank account may not have the 0’s you wish for. But the likelihood is that you have somewhere warm to sleep, have ate today and have people who love you. And that really is the essentials for life. Everything else is a bonus.

  • Ask yourself at the star of each day ‘What is one thing I can do today to generate money into my business’ And guess what? …. Yep you go do that thing first.

Step 5

Implement and take action … that is all!

It’s been quite a long blog, but it’s my heartfelt wish that you now go take this information and rock the shiz out of your business and create the income you desire.

It’s been lovely having your little peepers here. Here’s to you rocking your money,



Natalee Tucker is more than just a sales woman. She is a woman on a mission to get as many women as possible to recognise sales as service and making the income they deserve. The Confidence Collective empowers women to supercharge their confidence in themselves, their sales, strategy and their offer.

We are loving having her on board to share some of her wisdom and creativity with us at The Female CEO.

Making sales sexy, to truly serve your audience and make a big impact in the world
— Natalee Tucker