By Susan Smalley

Everyone these days takes time to incorporate a little space into their every day for meditation.

Perhaps you too, have created a little soulful sanctuary for yourself into which you can escape and unwind.  It feels great, doesn’t it.  For those who are new to the benefits of meditation, I cannot stress the importance enough, of regular practice.  It helps you to remain calm in the event of any drama, crisis, trauma or conflict.  A great development of inner work to establish a strong core of confidence.

By ensuring there is time to approach meditation for the purpose of personal development and spiritual enlightenment, everyone of us needs meditation to enjoy equilibrium of wellbeing. 

Balance is always restored when meditation is undertaken.  I have to say meditation is always enjoyed by those I know who have grown to realise the absolute importance of meditation in helping them to keep focused, tap into inspiration, clear confusion, and bring the heart rate down which induces a greater sense of balance.  Happiness is restored and built upon when you are within the stillness of meditation. 

During a recent survey online amongst my own Facebook group Spiritual Sofa, and those who already benefit from my energy work, there is a high proportion of people sitting alone at home, or at work, in meditation.  Some love to sit in silence, whilst others need a download of meditation app, music on their mobile phone and of course those who prefer a creative visualisation technique spoken on audio download.  I love that my survey also highlighted those who made time to attend a weekly meditation group, some several times a week.  Finding that being amongst others with a circle leader, helps to keep them aligned and focused on their breathwork. 

Meditation isn’t just about breath work, however.  I find that colour visualisations are immensely healing experiences that clear and pull up the student of meditation.   Amongst those who took part in the survey were also those who would absolutely love to take time to meditate, if their lifestyle schedule permitted, but also those who would meditate, if only they knew how to.

I love to offer my meditation sessions to clients online and in person on a one to one private basis, as the remarkable affects upon the new student, and long practising student, awaken, align and attune the student to an uplift to emotions, increase in powerful positivity and relaxation of the body.

There is no doubt about it, meditation eases tension within the body, and heightens the vibrational energy of the physical body and auric field.  The aura being the electromagnetic field which surrounds the physical body.  An intrinsic insight into how the body’s health, physically, mentally and emotionally is operating.   All those who try an hour of meditation with me, always, always return to learn more on how to sit, breathe, focus, and in adjusting their intention, and expectations.   

Meditation in a sacred space is of course immensely beneficial, where there is a strong sense of spirituality.  Quite often I am asked “do I need to be religious of developing my spirituality to enjoy meditation?”   The answer is no.   However, regular practice of the discipline of meditation will develop your sense of self-awareness and spirituality.   Meditation will enhance your lifestyle awareness so that you begin to seek the energy of calm in all things, all conversations, all interactions with others in work, family and friendship circles.   Brining in the concept of mindfulness, as not a new fad or function, but one that is ancient in its application.   You may search through books, scroll through screens and research through physical visits to meditation centres, to discover the ancient teachings of Meditation and the benefit of each particular cultural discipline. 

So, when do you propose to include space to meditate into your every day?

Is it something you wish to learn how to do?

Are you afraid of being in the state of meditation?

Why are you afraid?

Have you been sitting for a while on your own, at home, and unsure how to advance your spiritual development?

Do you honour yourself in allowing the discipline of meditation to react through your every hour of every day?

I want you to remember one thing from this article – do not expect to suddenly transform your life in sitting still and allowing breath.  You must in meditation have an intention, a purpose. 


The whole concept of Meditation is to search within.  To seek within your own soul what your energy equilibrium is lacking or how it is resonating within your every moment of every day.

Sitting in a class once a week is a great help to calm, silence and steady the mind and breath, but not if you are then flying around, living aggressively, abruptly doing business, or disrespecting your fellow man and environment, abusing your body and living your life in a chaotic, negative way.

You are now going to go through a process of honest ‘self-check’.  I advise you to examine where your life is in dis-harmony and the reasons why.  Then by sitting in meditation a tremendous healing will take place emotionally, mentally, and physically - allowing your body to align, ascend and accept all as being ‘as one’. 

Regular practice of meditation will help your heart rate, increase vitality, help you to sleep, empower and inspire you with ideas and creativity will definitely, increase.   Allow yourself ten mins each day, build to twenty minutes each day, then build it to half an hour each day.

If you are requiring help, please do, contact me.    I am happy to speak with you to answer any of your queries you may now have in relation to your own energy in meditation. 


In the meantime, I would love to share with you one of my creative visualisation techniques I deliver to my groups.   Sit back and relax, listen and unwind and see where this journey takes you.  Drop me a line to susan@susansmalley.co.uk with your feedback, please.


In addition, you may wish to have a read through this excerpt from one of my upcoming meditation books about to be published: 


Firstly, find yourself a space in which to relax, switch off mobile devices and ensure you will not be disturbed.  Prepare by allowing yourself time and space to ‘switch off’ from the demands of your world.   Play some soft music in the background, or create your space outdoors perhaps on a quiet beach, a forest, a field of natural meadow flowers, an evening beneath the stars, or your favourite studio or gallery.   That is the beauty of meditation – with practice, you can enjoy it anywhere. 

Close your eyes and adjust your posture so you are feeling quite supported.  As you begin to relax to find yourself aware of the out breath carrying with it all of your anxiety from the past week; the month, and even up to an hour ago.   Breath out with confidence that as you do, you let go of all anxiety about what is ahead of you in your life.  Now is the time for you.  A special connection with your own soul.  A blending in harmony of all your energy centres, bringing your state of mind, heart and body into alignment.  Gentle and secure, you are aware too of how the freshness of energy you breathe into your body carries so much power of healing balm to touch upon your internal mechanisms of physical function and brings relaxation to those internal organs.  Your whole body feeling soft, secure and in comfort.

Ahead of you can see in your inner vision, a view across the rooftops of a vibrant city.  A city filled with traffic, moving in all directions, people walking on sidewalks, and parks, and within business premises and offices.  The city is alive. 

You glance across the neon lights of moving vehicles and can see those in the sky, filled with passengers on journeys to various destinations.  You are at ease and even though this city is filled to full capacity, you sense your body being very separate from it.  In fact, as you sense and see yourself sat upon a balcony, upon a wooden seat, you have never felt so very much connected.  From this high point of elevation you secure your thoughts in the knowledge that nothing can disturb you. 

You wish to ease yourself further into relaxation with that thought, and a feeling of warmth washes over you slowly.  You can hear the sound of the distant noise of life and yet your ears are muffled by the closeness of a peach mist that embraces the sides of your head and brings a stillness to your thoughts.  That peach mist begins to rise above the sides of your head and you see and sense it stretch out high into the now, black velvety night sky.  A blue moon winks at you as your inward sight is taken into higher realms, way above the bustling city. Up into the sky where only silent stars spangle their identity in an expanse unexplored.  You feel your soul lift in excitement at the journey ahead. 

A journey through space and time into a pink star that appears more closely to you.  This star is soft and calm and gentle, and it appears to drift closer to you as you too, align with it.  There, right in front of you is a huge marble staircase.  One foot placed upon the first step you move gently up ten steps – count them, one by one, slowly.  A white marble lion’s head greets you as you reach the top and a soft warm breeze touches your face.  A chandelier of one million tiny shimmering candle flames flicker in this breeze then settle.  A feeling of peace enters into your heart.  Feel that heart.  That love communicator to your mind and body, and peace flows through you.  You feel light, and at the same time so very alert.  Alert to the feeling of excitement building in the pit of your stomach. 

A doorway arched, and made of solid oak appears ahead of you, make your way towards it, and turn the tarnished gold handle.  The door creaks, it is ancient.  Cobwebs glisten in the candle-glow and you feel the solid oak door move slowly until enough space has appeared for you to step through. You do so with a slight tug at the handle, to close it behind you a little.    You have entered into a room and in that room a blue velvet chair sits in the centre of the room, with a small table of white marble beside it.  Upon it, a red tin box.  A very old, scratched and bashed tin box.  Sit down in the chair, feel your spine supported, and your legs at rest. 

Take the red tin box and open it slowly.  Inside you can see all the items, objects, experiences and emotions, you have lived through during your lifetime.  Take time to scan all of these items and memories.     Now remove one of these.  Your choice.  Feel the sense of emotion connected with it.    This is your teacher.  It speaks volumes to you.  It cannot change you, and yet, by viewing it, you are already a changed person.  You have a choice.  You can return the item when you have spent enough time with it.  Or you can swap it.  Make that choice.

 If you have swapped your item, spend a little time with this new one, and then replace both.  Return the little red tin box to the white marble table and relax back into the blue velvet chair.  Focus on your inner breath, and outer breath. 

Return your awareness back to the here and now.  You are safe.  Alert.  Content.  Fully vibrant and filed with life force that is healing – inspiring - renewing.   

Well done!

Let me know how you enjoyed this and share with me the experience of your journey through the visualisation. With my insights into Meditation along with further creative visualisation journeys, devised by me, I know you will be keen to incorporate these into your every day.

Much love and blessings,

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My name is Susan Smalley and I am a life discovery coach and mentor.

I'm thrilled to be here and cannot wait to get to know you better. My passion from a very young age has been for all things spiritual, from healing and crystals to meditation to one to one coaching, reiki, tuition, and mediumship. I am passionate about intuitive guidance, whether that be in relationships, work, business, family dynamics, health,  heightening life demands, lack of focus or a drop in self-esteem, supporting you in transforming any of your restrictions to raise your self-confidence and align you again with the true purpose of your soul. Feel free to connect with me over in The Community or on my Spiritual Sofa on Facebook. You can also visit my website or drop me a line at www.susansmalley.co.uk