Invitation to Meditation 

By Susan Smalley

So often those who visit me to receive coaching or healing, ask me for one of my uniquely channelled meditations.  It is always a pleasure to help someone connect to their own soul and expand their awareness of self, in becoming still and allowing their minds to sense freedom from everyday concerns and anxieties pressing upon them.  Meditation helps sleep, relaxing your body, reducing your heart rate, allowing you to be mindful of your environment, and your energy field.  You have an incredible mind, let yourself explore fully upon this Meditation journey – which you may like to enjoy at home, in your favourite place, on your lunch break or early morning ritual as you prepare for the day ahead.

You are here so I guess you are searching too, for some assistance in your journey of wellbeing. 

Enter into this spiritual sanctuary via Meditation to learn more about your own soul’s journey and enhance your spirituality.  No time is ever wasted when you allow yourself space to Meditate.  Wellness, clarity, inspiration and motivation will result.  

Who doesn’t want to be in a state of well-being? 

Not just a fantastic tool to help you feel better in your state of wellbeing – bringing balance to your physical, mental and emotional states, but also creativity.  Inspiration by being connected to your creative self.  The explorer of new ventures, new dreams and visions of life in a much more improved way.  You are reading this because your soul is ready for you to begin this Meditation Journey. 

Share it with your friends.  I know you will enjoy.

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With Love,