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By Susan Smalley  

So many people have inquired of my services, from all genres of life.  Each one with different needs, at different junctures of their lives.  Some have lost momentum in career, feel bewildered by body image, rebuffed in relationships, and heavy-hearted with health.  Whether you are single, married, employed or unemployed, we all know of the depths of despair we can drop into when affected emotionally, mentally, or physically be grief, loss, anger, or frustration.   Only last night I spoke to a guy who had enquired about an appointment with me for Reiki Healing.  As we spoke, he enquired ‘what’s this Intuitive Life Coaching, Susan?  What’s that all about?’ It made me smile when he said, ‘I know what a Life Coach is, and how they work, but how does an Intuitive Life Coach offer her services?  What’s involved?’   

It’s a popular question and one I am asked frequently so I thought The Female CEO would be a perfect place to address it. As one of your Guest Editors I am thrilled to be able to share with you a little bit about myself and what I do. When I discussed it with him I kept my answer brief.

‘You see, you must experience the connection with me, one to one, privately, or within one of my popular life coaching motivational workshops such as Attract Your Abundance, Sparkling Soul, or Journey to Self, which have been devised by me for you. Men and women have felt the shift within them and have, and are, actioning all suggestions made to them in order for them to lovingly live a more enriched lifestyle’

Over the course of my past eleven years evolving as a sole business owner - as a healer, intuitive, medium, spiritual mentor and yet further back, way beyond, at the point I was starting out to help others in my twenties when I was at home, after work, in workshops, and public gatherings; I found I was being more and more guided into coaching, alongside my spiritual work.  In fact, the two are entwined. Body, mind, heart and soul.   

My Intuitive life Coaching birthed after already extensive work with both female and male clients, which gradually morphed into energy work - intuitively – using my psychic and spiritual gifts to ascertain the problems each client endured, coupled with my intuitively inspired specifically tailored programmes to help each of them smash those fears, doubts, and obstacles that caused them overwhelm by moderating a sequence of tasks, designed to eliminate the fear, heal the pain, and motivate them into taking back control of their lives.  Results ensued. A fabulous journey for us both as we worked empathetically together with one goal in mind, balance.

The range of issues we all carry, or have carried, are vast and varied.  I have been through a zillion it would seem, of experiences myself.   Each experience has empowered me into new discovery of how my soul evolves in this life, to it’s fullest potential. 

I am confident, active, vibrant and exude positivity which I share with others.  However, being an extremely shy child and teenager, weakened by oppressive people around me and even when married, in my twenties I struggled but found my voice and freedom for the first time in my life. Each time a nuance of despair hit me, confidence soared.  As yours will. Divorce stopped my confidence when in my 28th year, which resulted in the years through my thirties becoming quite reclusive, introvert.  Whilst working and showing up with smiles and serenity more and more people we’re being drawn to me asking for readings, guidance, advice and healing.  My life purpose to be of service to others shifted me massively out of those reclusive, hidden away years into a more public role, one in which I found myself conquering self-healing those issues that had hit me hard and held me back.  

I have always trusted my inner guidance, the voice of the soul that has helped direct me out, over and beyond all limitations.   In my forties and fifties, up to the present date, I have never been so public with the wide scope of social media platforms, digital devices and hey presto! 

For the past eleven years or more, clients right across the world have sought out my services.  Emotional, physical, psychic and spiritual lessons witnessed and learned, equipped me with more and more skills, experiencing firsthand, enabling me to help others who were also going through what I had been through. I am helping others to heal their lives, to find purpose, to set goals, achieve success, reclaim power, express feelings, show confidence and live mindfully without stress, pressures or turmoil. I should say however, that stress, pressure and turmoil is, and will always be, present in all of our lives. I have learned over the recent fourteen months how strong my spirit is, how invincible my soul remains, and how focused my mindset has become to allow me the ability to move out of, pass over, release and rebirth from every situation that presents itself and I help others to do just that!

I have been part of this valuable Female CEO forum for over a year now.  When Tricia Scott asked if I would like to contribute to this fabulous online community - I jumped at the opportunity! 

Believe me, when I say I know of your pain. I feel that stress within your heart. I sense your unease and emotional suppression. I have touched upon your self-doubts, recognised your guilt, and heard the scream of your ‘out of balance’ soul.  I respect you and your space. I hold space for your personal development, and embrace all that you carry, as I gently, soulfully, ease you out of tension, supporting you into release, and inspire you to not only recognise your dreams but to live your true soul purpose.   Teaching you how to listen to your soul and act with courage and confidence in your small steps forward into living a richer, more fulfilled life.

I do not judge. I accept you for who you are and what you have become and how you emerge from the cocoon of darkness into the expression of freedom, joy and self -love that you owe to yourself as well as determining what love to receive in honouring your self-worth, so your energy is highly vibrational, rebuffing all ailments with your body in full balance and flow. I help you to understand how your life is definitely a course that you yourself determine, by responding in a more mindful fashion as you trust your inner compass to guide you along your life path.  

I am delighted to list just a few of the ways in which you can help yourself to blast your own current energy blocks, as we near the end of this year, these will help you to close the door on your past, inviting a more soulful, sensing, expressive YOU with renewed energy levels – emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually.

In completing these five simple tasks, or even just one of them will alter your energy vibration.

Create Sacred Space into which YOU Retreat   

Space Just for you to unwind, become relaxed, meditate, undisturbed, away from social media, in your home, workplace, or outdoors.  

Visit a favourite Place  

Take time out and travel out to a favourite place where happy memories have been made in your past. Step in and allow yourself to soak up those beautiful times in memory recall, as you allow all of your senses to revisit the memories, allowing empowerment of your soul so you may enjoy and envisage all future visits being equally memorable.

Make a Memory Box 

Buy a special box, or use a simple shoebox. Really go to town in decorating it with sparkles, gold, images, prints and material. You may choose to spray paint it metallic and affix gems and jewels, or wrap it in plain parcel paper.  Decorate it, and as you do, allow your creative self to play and flow. It is quite a good meditative therapy too!  Fill it with everything you can, from tickets, photos, ribbons, shells, words, cards, postcards, and sketch down everything you wish to place into this very special box of positivity.  As you work through this task, even the thought of happy times and places will help to lift you out of dismay and crush disillusionment as your mind will become inspired for further plans, dreams and goals.

Create a Vision Board

I really cannot express enough how much this works!  Keeping a note of all the things you desire, wishing your lifestyle to be, with such minute specific detail, will have a tremendous effect upon what the universe delivers back to you.  As you set your intentions, the resonance of your soul’s expectation already sets to work to bring your dreams to you.   Setting goals, small ones at first is paramount to the feeling of joy and success when those goals are met.

Write Yourself a Letter

Get yourself a fabulous sheet of paper, a good bond with gold edges, and a new, inky pen. Write your salutation: Dear  ‘your name’  and date it one year from now. Write to an imaginary person, or to me and express all that you are, feel, do, and plan, as you live your each and every hour or every day. In one years time, you will look back and see just what you have manifested by this simple, and enjoyable technique.

When it comes to my coaching, each one of my clients are unique, and that being so, each intuitive life coaching session with me is unique.  No two people will receive the same one to one coaching, as you are all so varied in your requirements.  I honour the part of you today that feels drawn towards this article, and inside of yourself, you know that there is a way out.  Whatever the blocks:  doubts, fears, anger, guilt, shame, or those feelings of being lost or abandoned., it gives me pleasure to offer you a helping hand to heal your life.

I have the pleasure to offer you, readers of The Female CEO, my Sparkling Soul Life Coaching Programme for an investment of only £99.00 which will journey you through four weeks of transformation from insipid to invigorated!  Jump right on board this valuable intuitive insightful programme into to soak up my inspirational coaching - to reconnect and ignite your enthusiasm, just in time for the festive season!  

You can read all of the info here.

Have fun!

Looking forward to coaching you into success!

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My name is Susan Smalley and I am a life discovery coach and mentor.

I'm thrilled to be here and cannot wait to get to know you better. My passion from a very young age has been for all things spiritual, from healing and crystals to meditation to one to one coaching, reiki, tuition, and mediumship. I am passionate about intuitive guidance, whether that be in relationships, work, business, family dynamics, health,  heightening life demands, lack of focus or a drop in self-esteem, supporting you in transforming any of your restrictions to raise your self-confidence and align you again with the true purpose of your soul. Feel free to connect with me over in The Community or on my Spiritual Sofa on Facebook. You can also visit my website or drop me a line at

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