By Melissa Jones

Saying no to after work cocktails to go to the gym, missing out on events because you don’t feel comfortable with how you look, being so hungry but not eating because you’ve consumed your daily 1200 calories that you think you need to be eating. Not eating that chocolate bar you so desperately want and will make you feel so happy inside…

Firstly I need to clear up that no grown adult should be restricting their calories that low.

Secondly, who cares about calories anyway? I stopped counting and it was the most freeing thing I’ve ever done.

And lastly, your happiness should always be put first. If a particular diet is making you miserable, don’t do it. If eating a share bag of buttons will make you happy, do it! If having a delicious salad will make you feel good eat it but also if you’d love a pizza then eat that too.

There is no food that is bad. Diet culture has lead us to believe that there are good foods, bad foods and the holy grail.... superfoods.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love fuelling my body with whole foods, things like fresh fruit & veggies and some superfoods because they make me feel GOOD but if I want to order a pizza or have a glass (or bottle) of wine or stuff my face with a share bag of buttons I will because guess what, that makes me feel good too!

It’s taken me a very long time to get to this place and I still have work to do but I feel comfortable eating so called ‘bad’ foods without making myself feel bad for doing so.

Eating should be pleasurable, that’s why we have taste buds! I do love putting a healthier spin on some of my favourite foods purely because I try to minimise the amount of processed ingredients in my food purely for health reasons. Check out my Instagram if you want some inspiration. Everything we eat should be enjoyable.

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to shrink my body, I’ve restricted my calories, calorie counted, over exercised & used exercise as punishment. I now eat for enjoyment and to feel good and I exercise not to burn off my calories but because it makes me feel amazing! And being a busy mum it’s something I get to do just for me.

Diet culture has made us believe that thinner is better. I am so grateful for the movement that is happening right now promoting all bodies and all types of women. I’m so grateful my daughter gets to grow up seeing this, long may it continue and hopefully our next generation will be kinder to their bodies, feel free to eat, to live and put their time and energy into living, have fun and make the world a better place instead of making themselves smaller to fit into it.

With much love and motivation,

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Hi I’m Melissa and I am a Mama, passionate fitness advocate and coach. My Passion is helping women to believe in themselves and achieve personal goals through fitness and mindset. If you’d like to connect or have any questions, please reach out – I’m here to help.

Why did I become an at home coach? I have always had a passion for fitness and loved going to the gym. After I had my daughter, I was unable to get into the physical gym (clingy baby, breastfeeding mama) so I had to find another way to continue my fitness journey this journey has allowed me to fulfil my dreams and I want to help you to do the same thing.

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