Looking for more ways to amplify your attitude of gratitude? 

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JOURNAL ABOuT gratitude 

Take a few minutes every morning or evening (whatever works for you) to write down five good things about your day. The entries don’t have to be major events, they might be as simple as a good meal, talking to a friend, or getting through a difficult challenge. It doesn't have to take long either, a few minutes will do.

Need some inspiration? Download the free worksheet here.


write a letter 

Think about someone who has had a major impact on your life, someone who you would like to thank, or someone who you appreciate having in your life. Write a letter with specific details about what it is you really admire and appreciate about them. You can choose to send it or not, it's the feeling that goes into he letter that counts,  but you can be sure it would make someones day to receive it! 



visit someone you love or appreciate 

Take some time out of your week and pay a visit to someone you really love and appreciate. Notice how they make you feel and cancel out all distractions. Leave the phone in the car and really listen to that person. Tell them how much you appreciate them and why, or deliver the letter (as above) in person! Let them read what they mean to you and the impact they have had on your life. This one is powerful you may want to pack tissues in your handbag! 

say thank you 

Keep your eyes open throughout the day for reasons to give thanks. Try to recognise the small actions people do every day that might be overlooked such as a held open door,  a colleague who always goes the extra mile,or a friend who always seems willing to listen. There is always something to be thankful for. This seemingly simple action can transform your day entirely.



take a gratitude walk 

Go for a walk and make a special effort to appreciate your surroundings. You might notice the smell of flowers, a pretty building, or a soft breeze. Spend a few minutes focusing on each of your senses (sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch) to find new things you may not have noticed if you were just focusing on the next thing on your to-do list.