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I know! A TUESDAY She-Mail! I'm an entire 4 days late (or a week if you count the fact that last week I didn't write at all due to having tonsillitis). I did mean to write this on Friday but because I've been sick everything just seems to be miles behind and of course if I was taking my own advice I would have been taking self care to the maximum and benefitting from more rest and recuperation however I've actually been catching up on some reading and your emails and it's been fabulous. I love hearing from you and reading your blogs and articles. There's so much new and exciting content coming your way and I cannot wait for you to read it! 

So, what's coming up? 


How was your January? Depending upon who I speak to January has either been AMAZING and full of excitement for a brand new year or its had 500 days approx. Seriously, no in-between. 

However its gone, The Female CEO have got your back with another brilliant roundup of just some of the fantabulous content brought to you by our team of Guest Editors and Bloggers over January in the form of our online magazine CEO - Create Evolve Overcome.


Unsurprisingly, I'm not one to shy away from a challenge and this needs to be discussed, so buckle up ladies. We're going there. 

Right now. 

Regardless of the stories we hear, running a business can be downright bloody terrifying. Anyone who's stepped away from a regular salary and stepped into the world of self-employment will testify that it's not for the faint-hearted or the teetotal. Fear plays a major part in business and for very good reason. 

It's actually really quite useful. 


Did it snow where you are yesterday? I immediately went into annual panic mode because my car, whilst gorgeous and shiny isn't a winter fan whatsoever and of course with the first flakes it became armageddon, day-after-tomorrow style burning books in a snow and ice buried library whilst waiting for rescue in my head ... but then it cleared in about fifteen minutes. Dramatic? Me? 

I digress, I was asking how you are because I really want to know but I realise that I probably wouldn't really know because mostly, I can't see you. I can't see your beautiful sunny, full-of-purpose and drive for the Best. Year. Ever face because while I fully believe that you are reading this looking the absolute bomb you are not in my face telling me what you're up to. 

This is not ok. 

I see (or don't, more to the point) this too much. I know, because we talk, don't we? That you have brilliance in your business. I know that you offer ah-mazing services and I know that your clients adore you so why doesn't everyone else? 

I'll tell you why. 


Our first get together of 2019!

It feel like ages since we were here together doesn't it? (It was only last week lol). I always get that weird limbo feeling between Christmas and New Year where I haven't got a bloody clue what day it is and everything feels like it was ages ago because it was like, last year, but it was actually just a matter of days.

Chrimbo limbo!

In all honesty, as much as I love the Christmas break (I'm definitely a December, sparkly lights and Baileys hot chocolate kind of girl) I'm always ready to get back to a routine, you know?  I also adore the beginning of a new year, the possibilities for the next twelve months fill me with excitement and I want to do EVERYTHING! 

You too? 

Monday 31st December - Happy New Year!

2018 is coming to a close tonight. 

Holy shit.

It's time to wrap up your loose ends, give thanks to the moments, appreciate the lessons of the past year, choose to forgive what didn't work for you (including you) and let go of what won't serve you moving forward. Remind yourself that clinging onto anger, frustration and guilt with your beautifully manicured fingertips isn't going to do anyone any good, especially you. 

Let it go and embrace the possibilities of 2019. 

Friday 21st December - How a Pickle Saved My Life

I want to take the opportunity to introduce you to our final woman of the month for 2018 and what a woman she is. If, like me, you adore inspirational women (of course you do!) then you are going to love Michelle Wemyss of The Pickle Palace. 

She titled her Q&A 'How a pickle saved my life' and I won't lie, my eyes leaked a little bit when I read it. Michelle is one of those women that when you meet her you can't help but be excited by her energy. She literally bounces as she talks excitedly about the things she loves, her work, friendships and her beautiful children. You always leave a conversation with Michelle feeling better than when you started. She's literally a pocket rocket of positive energy. 

All of my favourite things

I am thrilled and beyond proud of her courage and tenacity to share her story.

Take some time, sit back, even just for 15 minutes and enjoy...


This December I decided to get intentional, take my own advice and to step back a little bit.


This is still an interesting concept for me. For those you who follow me and know a little bit about my journey you will know that I climbed the corporate ladder for a long time. I have pushed myself to the furthest degree (to my own detriment), I have worked late, early, though lunch and over holidays  just to keep up (note: not to get ahead, just to not fall behind). Like many, I have taken my smartphone on holiday and to bed with me at night* never missing an email or text that pinged my way, no matter what time.

So what did I learn?


You are allowed to have a peaceful December. 

You are allowed to take some time away from your computer.

You are allowed to choose for yourself what success looks like. 

You are allowed to say no to the things you don't want to participate in. 

I am using our FriYAY she-mail today to remind you, in the month of all things madness,  that you are in the driving seat and remind you that by saying no to the things we don't want, we are opening up to saying yes to the things we do. Now, you might be sitting there thinking, is she off her head? It's DECEMBER Trish! I HAVE ALL OF THE THINGS TO DO! 

Alright, I hear you (really I do). Hear me out, ok? 


I've been talking about this for a while, and as you may have noticed, I'm not exactly the most patient of individuals when it comes to creating something I really want so when I said I wanted to create a magazine for our community I expected that I would just, you know, like, get it done. 

Not so. 

The creation of this magazine is a whole entire month over schedule, I even bought a new computer to facilitate the task (helooooo 27' screen) and at that point I was set! 


23rd November - The true meaning of Christmas

You may have noticed, I'm a big fan of Christmas, well, all of December actually. I adore the lights, festivities, mulled cider and that feeling of real joy in the air as folks go about their shopping and planning for the big day. Of course there are downsides (Black Friday anyone?!) but that aside I simply LOVE it.

I realise though that I am sometimes guilty of missing the entire effing point with Christmas. While I'm out shopping and stressing about what to buy for whom and how many we need to cater for on Christmas Day I'm missing the essence of it.

16th November - When life gives you backache…

I'm a firm believer (although in practise I'm not always that great at hearing) that your body is always giving you messages, it's just up to us whether or not we decide to listen and act upon our instinct. For me, I've realised that when I don't hear it or choose not to listen, that's when my body throws something at me to force action. 

Your body is way smarter than you think. It knows what you need. All of the time. We've become so tuned out by all of the noise around us that it's become almost impossible to find the time to get still and actually hear ourselves above the din. 

Can you tune in? 

9th November - Countdown to christmas

It's officially Christmas countdown, can you believe it? The shops are full of lights, tinsel and festive music and M&S are already selling out of mince pies, hurrah!  

We have so much brilliant content coming up for you over November and what better place to showcase what's going on than here in our weekly chat.  So here it is, a quick roundup of just some of the highlights over at The Female CEO, I know you don't want you to miss anything. 

Are you sitting comfortably? 

Good, now pour yourself a glass of something suitably sparkly and I'll begin..

2nd November - Finishing 2018 like a BOSS

I've been merrily creating and collecting brand new content for the last few weeks when suddenly I thought, hang on! This is for November!! Whhaatt??How can it be November already? 

I mean, what happened to the rest of the year? Where did all of those months go? I don't know if it's me getting older or if the time is actually whizzing by faster than the speed of freaking sound but here we are. Bells are jingling, Sir Cliff is dusting off his mistletoe and wine and Santa is buttoning up his fancy red pantsuit once again. 

It's nearly 2019 people! WTAF? 

26th October - You know whats just right? Right Now

How many times have you heard yourself utter these very words.

- It's not the right time. 
- It's not quite there yet
- It's not as good as ___ insert whatever here 
- When I've got more time 
- When I've lost that last bit of weight

Look, let's get real. It could always be better, we're all busy, no, scratch that we're all crazy busy and you know what?  It's always going to be the case. 

19th october - why the beginning isn’t the hardest part

It's not that it's not hard at the beginning, it certainly is.  Diving into the unknown, releasing an idea, your idea, to the world without any real assurances that it's going to work out can be flat-out terrifying. 

But exciting.

If you want it, and you have to really want it, the adrenaline will carry you through this phase, and it’s just as well otherwise 99 out of 100 ideas wouldn't make it over the starting line. 

What I've realised on my own entrepreneurial journey is that the start hasn't been the hardest part. The hardest part, by far, has been the consistency of it. That showing up for your dream every single day. 

12th october - the rundown

How was your September? Over in the blink of an eye? Ours too! 

I cannot believe we're on Christmas countdown already (sorry!). As we're at the start of yet another month I thought we'd have a quick rundown of just some of the many recent highlights over at The Female CEO, I know you don't want you to miss anything. 

Are you sitting comfortably? 

Good, now pour yourself a glass of something lovely and I'll begin..

5th october - just do it

Are you scared? Do it anyway 

Shy? Do it anyway 

Unsure? Do it anyway

Will people judge you? Probably, but it doesn’t matter.  

Be the only one who decides for you. Start speaking even if your knees shake. Even if your hands shake and the tears well up in your eyes, because you have to be willing to fight for your voice. You have one life and you have something to say. No one owes us anything, and because of that, we are all even. You are as good, powerful and capable as anyone else…

28th September - dialling down the distractions

Ding, swish, ping and donk... Hello, distraction! These days we are constantly at the beck and call of our mobile phones, iPad, laptops and whatever-else-sucks-at-your-soul-devices and not just during the waking hours, oh no... we're waking up through the effing night when they light up with their fancy ultra bright retina displays. 

I was thinking about this earlier in the week when I woke up at some ungodly hour to see my mobile phone blinking away on the other side of the room with some random and unimportant notification (I usually turn it over for the sake of peace when I go to bed) and I lay there thinking... why are we at the beck and call of every notification we receive? Am I soconditioned to respond that its happening when I sleep? 

We're working flat out and it's not working. The device, it seems to me, is just symptomatic of something much much more serious to our wellbeing and that is our need to be informed and everywhere, with everyone all of the time… 

21st September - There are no mistakes

This week I was fortunate enough to be able to take a day out of my schedule and be at home (thanks to my car being out of action, funny how these things come at just the right time) and after a one to one coaching session in the morning I settled down to work on The Female CEO. Now usually as soon as I open the laptop my brain floods with ideas, I have to grab my notebook to keep them all in some sort of order and then make enough sense of them to put into a schedule, however, I found I was stuck. 

Ae you feeling stuck, In fear of making the wrong decision or move? Then read this weeks She-Mail, we're talking about how you can't make a wrong decision, there are no mistakes and don't just take it from me, take it from #Queen Oprah Winfrey herself.

14th september - Keepin’ it real

I used to worry about my business, especially in the beginning. I spent way too much time looking around at all of the posts, pictures and emails about successful online entrepreneurs and their armies of followers on social media. In truth, I wasted so much time back then just wondering (and mentally torturing myself) what I was doing wrong. 

So, what was I doing wrong? 


The biggest crime I was committing was against myself and my productivity and what happens when the doubt sets in? You move away from your inner guidance and intuition and straight into the hands of the get rich quick-ers. Looking back at some of the utter crap I paid for I'm surprised they don't show up in their fancy videos on a horse wearing a black mask, Dick Turpin style.

7th september 2018 - the fear of judgement 

Are you seized by 'the fear' 

What happens when you create something new? Do you read or watch it, love it, give yourself a mental high 5 and hit send with a 'whoop' or do you read or watch it over, tone it down a bit and then send a test email to 700 of your closest friends to make sure it's not too much or offensive, to anyone, ever. 

Fear of judgement strikes all of us at one time or another, I hear it all the time from our community so I can assure you-you're not alone. After all, we're all being judged all of the time, aren't we? Everywhere we go and everything we say and do online or offline has the ability to draw an opinion from someone or other (have you seen my new blue hair?) and it's this knowledge that can be enough to turn even the most aspiring entrepreneur into a damp shrinking violet. 

31st august - the power of connection

I have always worked in teams. My whole working life has been about working with others in the creation of something or other. So when I started The Female CEO as a solopreneur I quickly realised how much I missed having others to bounce ideas around with, gain insight from and generally just keep me company when I was feeling adrift. 

Perhaps you're the same way? Don't get me wrong there is so much that appeals to me in working for myself. Freedom (yes!), the ability to choose when I work, how I work and with whom. Working at home in my favourite PJ's! Drinking a glass of wine and dreaming up new ideas over leisurely lunches... Ok so that's not always the reality, although it has been known, but you get where I'm coming from. 

24th August 2018 - R-E-S-P-E-C-T take care of tcb

Over the past year I have been honoured and privileged to have had the opportunity to speak to some incredible, inspirational women from across the globe and every single one of them has changed my view of the world in some way. Some about ways to do business, some about ways to handle people and negative situations and some about ways to respect ourselves for the brilliant, complex human creations that we are. Which is probably why I've had the iconic anthem R-E-S-P-E-C-T from the powerhouse that was Aretha Franklin in my head all week since learning of her sad passing on the 16th. What a life and what a legacy! 

17th august - allow me to introduce you 

OMG I've been dying to tell you all about this exclusive Q&A for weeks now and those who know me, know I'm super awful at keeping exciting news to myself so its a relief and a JOY to finally be able to introduce you to the fabulous Alessandra Maderni.

L.A based global entrepreneur, visionary and co-founder of the first ever music festival and cruise to run successfully from Asia and Europe, Alessandra is the Female CEO with the BIG vision you're going to want to know and she’s teamed up with us to tell you how she is ‘Living the journey’ and inspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world with her brand, Shipsomnia.

10th august - The only thing you'll ever need and the key to everything...

Is you. That’s right, you are your only real, true commodity. The ONE THING you can change, make better or worse. 

You are the worst and the best thing that can happen. 

You see those other women out there killing it. They’re the ones taking the latest super high intensity workout class and still looking like Kim K all glow-y and pouty (FYI I look like a sweaty beetroot after cleaning the bathroom), the ones sitting in a pavement cafe in Paris writing their latest killer blog and snapping pics of their champagne and the ones walking to the stage, a thousand or more eyes on them as they prepare to make corporate history with what they are about to deliver.

They’re making it happen. 

3rd august  - Happy fabulous friday CEO's 

It happened! We began our campaign working with New York Minute Magazine on Monday and I couldn't be more thrilled. It's what I always envisioned for the business when I began, global collaboration reaching female entrepreneurs everywhere. Ok so maybe not everywhere .. yet but certainly to a brand new set of readers all over the world! Watch this space for more informative articles over the coming weeks. Yay!

Do you use the power of visualisation? It's such a powerful tool in business and in life. After all, how do you know if you're there yet if you don't know what it looks like? Personally, I love nothing better than finding a few minutes (thats all it takes) to immerse myself in the feeling of where I want to be. Imagining I'm already there is the best feeling in the world and I guarantee your subconscious is listening and devising a plan to get you exactly to that point and usually beyond. It's like this:

30th july - this is not a drill 

Nobody panic but.... 

The discounted price of just £4.99 per month to access The Female CEO members site closes in less than 48 hours! From 1st August the price will increase to £9.99 per month for any new subscribers. The discounted price is crazy good value for money but it couldn't last forever... 

If you want in then you have until midnight on 31st July 2018 to get involved or you'll need to be prepared to pay the new price. Can you really afford to miss out? The existing price of £4.99 won't ever change for our founding members, as long as you stick with us then the price is fixed for you forever. 

No price hikes guaranteed...

27th July - happy fabulous friday ceo's 

Did you hear our news? The Female CEO has been asked to collaborate with the fabulous NYC based New York Minute Magazine. Not only is this exciting for us to be recognised for the work we do in women's personal development and entrepreneurship but it means that we get to bring our community EVEN MORE fabulous, relevant content. 

All of the yes. 

I decided months ago that this year was going to be my summer of YES and in true universe-in-action style its happening! Stay tuned for upcoming articles and blogs we just know you're going to LOVE and of course watch out for The Female CEO popping up more Stateside! As you may know, over in the members forum lately we've been focusing on self worth and personal value. One of main topics I hear about from our readers time and time again is charging for work. 

Dreaded discounting *cringe* ...

20th july - happy fabulous friday ceo's

I have a question for you... 

How often to you censor yourself, you know what I mean? Shrink to 'fit in' or dampen down that 'big personality' you're forever being told you've got. How often do you look at yourself in the mirror and pick at what you see. Too big, too small, too pale, too dark, not enough or too much. Sometime we don't even know we're doing it! Can you believe that? It has become such a habit to us to nitpick at ourselves its literally become second nature. 

All of the no.

I want you to pay close attention to whats going on in your brain over the weekend. How many times do you make an unkind judgement on yourself, scald yourself for a mistake or doubt your ability. Just observe it and realise how often it happens, I think you'll be surprised. Can you imagine if someone else was saying these things to you? How would you feel? Would you say those things to your best friend? 

Fuck no!...

27th april - slow the inflow 

Recently, I was reading a blog from Courtney Carver, have you heard about her? I LOVE her stuff. She has a website called Be More with Less and she’s all about creating simplicity in our lives. She also runs a brilliant Project 333 challenge to rid yourself of unnecessary clothing etc and dress with 33 items or less for 3 months at a time. I’m still working on that one… Anyway, I digress. 

In her latest blog, Courtney is talking about slowing the inflow of stuff  into our lives and it really got me thinking. Overwhelm happens in all areas of our lives and comes from all kinds of places that we neither expect nor think about. The constant flow of emails, the text messages, phone calls, post, clutter and even the stuff we carry around in our bloody handbags! (I am so guilty of this) it's everywhere. 

12th april - you're not crazy, you're an entrepreneur

Ever feel like you're on your own? Dare I say even lonely? 

When you start a business it's not uncommon for the people around you to start to look at you like you've possibly lost your mind a bit. They're not used to this 'new' you, why are you suddenly reading books and watching youtube tutorials when there's TV to watch? Networking starts to feel like a dirty word and you're really not sure where to turn to find your people. 

Hands up if you've been there. My hand is firmly in the air btw. 

That's why I wrote the latest article to grace the pages of The Female CEO - Create Evolve Overcome. It's all about what to do when you feel like you're the only one getting it...

8th february - they gave me a f***ing negative review! what?! 

Today's blog is longer than usual (sorry!) but I've heard SO much about this topic lately I thought it may be useful to cover my top tips for dealing with negativity online. We’ve all been there, you’ve done your best bent over backwards, gone the extra 100 miles and that client STILL gave you a negative or neutral review. 


You feel like chucking the towel in, I mean what else could you possible do for these people? Pass the wine!! But wait. Put the cork back in the bottle. 

No seriously, PUT IT BACK. 


18th january  - visualise your dream then go work your ass off

As you likely already know I'm a big believer in visualisation for creating the life and business you desire. However, using this as a stand alone tool isn't going to be enough to get you from point A to B.

Cue booing and hissing from stage left. 

Yes, you need to be able to see it in your minds eye. Your subconscious is always working to move you towards what you can visualise and desire but in order to create your dream you need action. If you're working in alignment with your purpose then this will mostly feel inspired and exciting, you could do it all day... but not always...

12th december - it's ok to be human 

It's OK to be human.

Today I wanted to talk to you about authenticity. I messed up last week. I scheduled my campaign all wrong and you didn't get an email from me. 

I'm sorry. 

I did the work. I prepared a blog and I went through the set up but I didn't finish it up properly (clearly) and you didn't receive anything from me. I am more than happy to admit that I am not superwoman. I run three businesses and sometimes my head is s full of other things. I forget details and occasionally it all goes, well, arse up quite frankly...

28th november - an overnight success is never an overnight success

Herein lies a revelation.

An overnight success is never an overnight success. 

We have to stop looking at successful businesses and people as instant success stories. I used to do this ALL THE TIME. That kind of comparison can be dangerous. In reality, most successful companies, musicians and people have taken years of hard work and many ups and downs along the way. Each path to success is different and we need to acknowledge that no two stories will ever be the same. Many successful entrepreneurs have faced seemingly insurmountable hurdles and adversity. So what makes the difference? 


21st november - your time is non-refundable

Todays #tuesdaythoughts are all about how your time is non-refundable. 

Do you find yourself offering your help or services just to 'help someone out' or alternatively do you spend your evenings glued to the glowing screen of the TV rather than with your head in your business? It's often the case that I hear people say 'I haven't the time!' and in many cases this may be your reality, it may even feel true but I guarantee if you counted up the hours you spend on social media scrolling through other peoples lives, watching TV, reading emails etc you would have time every. single. day. to do one thing for your business...

14th november - *success secret* most people don't know what the f*ck they're doing either

Entrepreneur, Trailblazer, Innovator, Mover annnddd Shaker. 

If you’re going to walk your own path and dance to your own tune then you’ve got to know that a lot of what you do is going to be trial and error. If you want to stand out you're going to need to stray from the mainstream once in a while. It’s no good looking at other people’s social media feeds and despairing that they’ve got it all together. You know the ones, everything is serene and perfect with awesome images and everyone in the world is commenting how fabulous they are while in the meantime your computer has crashed, your website won’t work and no one is engaging on your social pages. Before you cry out IT’S NOT FAIR!...

7th november - get obsessed with your own freedom 

Today is all about your why.

Remember when you wanted to do what you do? What was the driving force? What made (or will make it) a must for you?

For lots of entrepreneurs I speak to it eventually comes down to freedom. When you initially ask the question the reply usually comes back as ‘making money’ and that's great, nothing wrong with that but the underlying why with money is usually freedom.

Freedom from debt, freedom to take the kids and the family on holiday whenever you choose, freedom to travel, to write, to work from wherever you want, whenever you want. Money makes that possible but the why is freedom.

What’s your why?