Dr. Sabrina Jackson, a native Detroiter and Cass Technical High School graduate, has literally taken the world by storm! Completing her Master’s Degree at the tender age of 23 from Wayne State University she is known as “The People Expert” as travels the world helping people with people, even if that person is themselves! This inspiring force of nature is continuously busy training corporate executives, single mothers, and gospel artists and it is immensely evident with each group that she works with her passion for people.

Her analytical mind led her to create personality assessment models Essential Colors and Essential Love Styles.  A single mom, herself, Sabrina has written several books, the latest entitled He is Not a Statistic, about raising her son Marcel.  She has been privileged to speak for McDonald’s, Tom Joyner Cruises, and the Detroit City Council and can be seen regularly on Fox 2’s Let it Rip, writing national column in Curvy Magazine & Devine Glory Magazine, heard nightly on The Essentially Sabrina Radio Show on 910 AM, and featured every Tuesday @6:30pm on Fox 2 News with People 911 w/Dr. Sabrina. This lady is well and truly in demand and I am both honoured and thrilled she has chosen The Female CEO to share just some of her amazing journey. Over to you Dr Sabrina…

So, Dr Sabrina, What’s your story?

I am a girl from the Motorcity, whose parents were both factory workers at Chryslers. I graduated from Cass Tech High School, went on the matriculate through several academic programs. However, through all of the success there was a broken little girl inside and through healing, I have become a major voice for Sexual Abuse Healing.

There’s not much at you haven’t done or achieved during your career, your talents are incredibly widespread. Do you find it difficult with so much going on to keep track and how do you manage?

I do a variety of things and I actually LOVE IT. I am simply wired to multitask.

I do have a team of incredibly talented people to assist me. I feel it is imperative to surround yourself with people who can make your team run effectively. None of what I do is done alone!!     

You are a TV and radio personality. which is your favourite medium for getting your message out and why?

My favourite medium is actually both these days because with radio we LIVE STREAM, so people can see me. So, in the past I would have said TV, however with technology there are so many awesome new mediums. I remember thinking that Netflix was not going to last, well how wrong was my antiquated thinking! I am constantly learning how to become more effective in getting my message to the world.


Well, first I consider the source. Many people are mean and their criticism of me has more to do with the negativity within them and nothing to do with making me better. I believe that the number one reason people fail at anything is COACHABILITY how can any of us get better if no one can tell us anything? So, I’m open to feedback, as I personally have gotten better with suggestions on being better.

I also understand that I do not know everything!

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You ‘help people with people’ what does that mean to you?  

I help people relate, communicate, live with, and love other people.

I say all the time, the Number one problem people have is other people. We must navigate the world with others and often we only see things from our perspective, which leads to conflict. So, my expertise is helping people get along with others in any context.

How would your best friend describe you?

My best friend has described me as dynamic, empowering, Inspiring, super witty, and resilient.

She says often that I am incredibly skilled with helping people.

As an author, who do you admire and if your favourite author was to write about you what would you entitle it?

My favourite author currently is Bishop TD Jakes. He is such a profound gift.

The title of my book would be “A Life Example of Resilience” Allowing Her Pain to Heal Others.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and who would be your ideal neighbour next door?

I would live on the water in Laguna Beach California and my ideal neighbour would be Ellen. She is so witty, connected, and compassionate. I could learn from her. I could see us playing practical joke as well as making positive impact around the community.

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What’s your top tip for the awesome ENTREPRENEURS reading this article?

My Top Tip for awesome Female Entrepreneurs is in everything they do to C.A.R.E.

 Make sure you are COACHABLE

 Have an ATTITUDE of Gratitude as you have more to be thankful for than to complain about.

 Be righteously RESPONSIBLE own your stuff. If you did, say you did, and make it right.

 I used to say embrace excellence, but I learned you can let it go, so now I say EMBODY EXCELLENCE. Bring your A-Game to every Game.

How do you define success?

My definition of success is having peace of mind, spirit, body, and relations. I know most people look at money and material riches, however you can have lots of money yet have horrible health and a troubled spirit. I seek daily to say kind things to myself about myself and then spread that joy.

What’s the number one played song on your iPod?

All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled.

What do you know for sure?

God loves me!

Do you have a book or favourite podcast recommendation for our Female CEO members?

My book recommendation is The Medici Effect: Breakthrough Insights at the Intersection of Ideas, Concepts, and Cultures by Frans Johanson-  It helped by value my own innovative skills.

What or who are you most thankful for?

My son Marcel Smith, he is the greatest gift I have every received and I am so thankful God trusted me to navigate his space in the world. He is currently 26 and has his MBA, partners with me in the Essential Colours Business, and is an award winning Jr NBA Coach.

If you want to know more about Dr Sabrina you can visit her website, catch up with her on over on her radio show online or watch People 911w/Dr Sabrina every Tuesday on Fox 2 at 6:30pm