By Anita Ghosal

What does your personality needs to feel fulfilled? I am Anita Ghosal, transformational coach and speaker and creator of the brilliant, fun quiz what is your female archetype?

Check out the video below and see how you too can discover your “Liberate Me™’ formula to discover more about your personality style, the light and shade of your own personal archetype and how to unlock the secrets of using your style to your best advantage.

So, sit back, watch the video and together we can begin the journey of self discovery!


Are you ready to find out? Dive in here.

With love and to your liberation,

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Imagine being liberated from the need for external validation and approval? I know it would be pretty amazing and yes, sassy diva’s, it is possible and it is the most freeing way to live. This is what I do for the women I work with.

I’m Anita Ghosal, International Coach & Speaker Liberating women from the inside out to release limitations and create a life they love by claiming who they are - owning it, empowered and unapologetically. Releasing the need for external validation, the need to adhere to cultural or societal restrictions, to break free to find who they are and own it.

I am thrilled to connect with you here, in collaboration with The Female CEO and if you would like to know more about me then you can do so here or if you want to join our Liberate Me™ Private Member Club you can do so here