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JUNE 2019

I've missed you! The last two months have been a bit of a blur, a real rollercoaster of emotions and I really don't know where the time went. This is our first edition since our April roundup meaning we entirely missed May due to the sad passing of my amazing dad but fear not, we have a special edition of CEO magazine coming to you as an extra treat in September. For those of you looking for a coach or mentor, you are going to want to keep an eye out for what we have in store for you. Our AMAZING Guest editors held the fort for me while I was away from the business, sharing insights, quotes, tips and inspiration throughout the community and way beyond and I am immensely grateful to them and each and every one of you for your lovely words and kind thoughts over the last 8 weeks or so. It really brought home to me the power of our community. On the subject of Guest Editors, we have a new face on board at Team CEO, the super talented PR ninja Natalie Trice and if you turn to page six you can read all about her. She will be bringing you her expertise every single month with her brand new feature PR School, check it out on page 12! I feel incredibly fortunate that she chose us to share her gift, you're going to love her!
We've also got features from the brave and brilliant Janine Wirth, In The Spotlight - her story of overcoming trauma related PTSD to go on to become a leader in her field of healing and therapy will uplift and inspire you , she's pretty amazing AND as if that wasn't enough she's also dedicated time to us every single month with her 'Ask Janine' feature where she chooses a community question and answers using her vast knowledge and skills. You can find her on pages 20 and 36.

Over on page 28 you'll find the brilliant Ilana Jankowitz bringing us yet anther new monthly feature with her Money Matters column, a certified money coach, Ilana will have you busting your blocks and reaching for higher earning potential in no time. Remember to check out her free money quiz too, it's quite an eye-opener!

If you're feeling a little bit overwhelmed (like me!) then turn to page 7 and take in our Mindful Meditation article from our very own Intuitive Life Coach, Susan Smalley this includes a free download and visualisation tool. perfect for combatting daily stresses and regaining inner balance. Last, but by no means least, we've got something new from our regular guest blogger Melissa Jones, talking about her approach to holistic health and a fantastic tool from Marketing Expert, Namita Kabilas with her top 10 tips on setting up and using video campaigns for your business.

See you next month CEO's

APRIL 2019

Traditionally I find the month of April to be one where things slow down a bit but month on month 2019 is continuing to show up as a giant burst of creative energy. Have you felt it? I barely get an idea on paper and another is pushing forward to take up residency in my already overcrowded head! Our social following also continues to steadily rise with more than 500 new followers just in April alone so if this is your first ever edition of CEO magazine then welcome! We’re thrilled to have you here! In case you missed it, April saw The Female CEO feature the wonderful Lenka Lutonska and her really quite incredible business journey in The Spotlight. I loved connecting with Lenka, she has SUCH vibrant energy and you can read all about it on page 18. I know you’re going to love it.

We also brought you some brilliant articles from our Guest Editors & Bloggers, from tips to transform tricky relationships to the importance of fitness for the mind as well as the body along with packaging yourself for success and the importance of your personal image to your business and if you’re thinking about some serious networking then we still have FREE tickets to Europe’s biggest business event! It's all going on!

We were also lucky enough to be able to share a fabulous article by one of my favourite writers Courtney Carver of Be More With Less about the three things you should stop wearing (at any age), it might not be what you think! Have you joined our free Facebook community yet? Our following is growing all of the time (literally) and we would, of course, love to have you hang out with us. Bring a cocktail, a glass of fizz or a green juice (PJ’s optional) and join us. It's the best place to get up to date info and keep up with all of the latest news and events. Have a magical May CEO’s!

MARCH 2019

Hello hello! Welcome once again to the March roundup edition of CEO magazine!

I just love Spring! Seeing the flowers beginning to bloom, the trees coming back to life and nature waking up just renews my hope for what's to come. Have you been in business hibernation? Time to wake up and smell the daffodils CEO's!

As the months fly by we have once again the very best of blogs and articles from March for you to download and keep such as 'How to write content to engage and sell' from the vibrant Debra Luzi, coverage of International Women's Day and their #balanceforbetter campaign (another of my favourite March events), 'The surprising ticks to help you to create a long-lasting self-care routine' from guest blogger and therapist Kristin Bornstein and we shine our Spotlight on one of my absolute favourite artists, the incredibly talented and all-around gorgeous human, Camilla d'Errico of d'Errico Studios. We've also got coverage of #ThatGirl's Stand in your purpose event (Awesomeness!) and Guest Blogger, mama and health and fitness coach Melissa Jones with her brilliant article for The Retreat, '5 ways keeping fit and healthy can boost your business'.

Have you connected with us socially yet? Our following is growing all of the time and we would, of course, love to have you hang out with us. It's the best place to get the hottest info and keep up with all of the latest events.

Have an awesome April CEO's, I believe in you,


Welcome to the February roundup edition of CEO magazine!

Ah February, not only is it the month of my Birthday but also of love, popping corks and heart-shaped chocolates (I mean, who doesn’t love all that stuff?). I am also reminded in the month of all things red and heart shaped of our need as entrepreneurs for self-love and self-care. How did you show yourself some love this February?

As we begin to move through the year we’re bringing you all of the love in this, the latest edition of our fabulous CEO Magazine. We’ve got practical tips on Canva at home design from Katie Foster of Virtual Freedom, how to build a successful profitable business with the right online presence from marketing expert Namita Kabilas and we're introducing you to the newest member of Team CEO, Guest Blogger, mama and health and fitness coach Melissa Jones with her brilliant article for The Retreat, 5 simple steps to get you started on your health and fitness journey. We’re also looking at what to do when everyone around thinks you’re losing it for starting your own business in our feature, you're not crazy, you’re an Entrepreneur. I am also beside myself with gratitude that the truly inspirational Anistia Thomas has returned to The Female CEO following our recent coverage of her fabulous Baby Shower event (No Ordinary Baby Shower) In the September issue of CEO Magazine to talk to us about her entrepreneurial journey, what gets her out of bed in the morning and running her empire along with her beautiful new baby boy Grand.

Have a marvellous March CEO's and don't forget to drop in and hang out with us over in our social communities. See you there!


Welcome to the January roundup edition of CEO magazine! How was the first month of 2019 for you? However it went we're here to propel you into your best February yet.

As the shops begin to fill up with red roses, hearts and flowers we're talking with the wonderful Susan Smalley about how you can be your own versatile valentine as well as hearing from the endlessly talented Nichola English about why first impressions count and how to be memorable from your very first meeting. We've also got a brand new guest blogger with us this month, the branding success beauty that is Hollie Ellis of Hollie Ellis Designs and she's going to give you the lowdown on the importance of great branding for your business. We've also got our #ThatGirl Stateside Ms Natasha Lee letting us take a peek into her secret success party, trust me you do not want to miss this! As well as ALL. OF. THAT we have a brand new feature, Ask the Author where we get into the heads of clever creatives and learn all about the ups, down, publishing preferences and hints and tips and of course their amazing books! We’re kicking off this month with Damian John Huntley and his series of books Histories Of The Void Garden and I couldn’t be more proud to showcase such a brilliant talent.

Have a fabulous February CEO's and don't forget to drop in and hang out with us over in our social communities. See you there!


If, like many, at this time of year you're looking back over 2018 and trying to plan ahead but don't know quite where to start, take a look at our year in review feature on page 21. You can pick and choose the questions relevant to you and begin to design a year ahead that works for you. What would your ideal year look like?

In this edition of CEO - Create, Evolve, Overcome you'll also get to meet another of our brilliant 'In The Spotlight' entrepreneurs, Michelle Wemyss of The Pickle Palace. Her story 'How a pickle saved my life' is nothing short of inspirational and her infectious humour will have you cheering into your prosecco filled party glass.

We've also got the story of the co-founder of the incredible Shipsomnia brand, Alessandra Maderni who, in just three years, took her business from an idea between its co-founders to one of the worlds largest floating immersive arts and music holiday experiences in the world, generating millions of dollars worldwide in sales and encouraging her 'Shipsomniacs' to #livethejourney. Check out page 6 for her story.

If you're looking to swerve the rest of that holiday stress or work on building build your happiness muscle, we've got you covered for that too as well as a reminder from our good friend and guest blogger, Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel that you are always enough (even when you are wobbly).

So put up your Louboutins, or bunny ear slippers (it is the holidays after all), grab a cuppa or a glass of leftover fizz and join us for some entrepreneur 101.


Welcome to the first ever edition of our digital magazine!

By picking up this magazine you are realising your self-worth and joining a community of amazing people, just like you.

I can hardly believe it's November already! As we move towards the season of sparkle and ten thousand things to do daily, we've got you covered with some fabulous content to help you finish 2018 STRONG as well as our fabulous In The Spotlight Entrepreneur Jean Young talking to us all about her journey from Civil Servant to designer brand stockist and coverage of THE baby shower/ summit of 2018 with the awe inspiring Anistia Phiaria Thomas.

So put up your Louboutins, grab a cuppa or a G&T (no judgement here) and join us for some entrepreneur 101.