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From The Female CEO 

Are you ready to gain MOMENTUM in your life and business?

Are you...

  • Feeling lonely as the only entrepreneur in your circle?
  • Holding yourself back out of fear of judgement? 
  • Overwhelmed, procrastinating and just not sure of which way to go? 
  • Tired of feeing drained, stuck or in fear of being more visible?
  • In need of practical tools and tips to actually produce results?
  • Wanting more than just the constant treadmill of work work work with little or no return? 
  • Wishing you had a cheerleading team to celebrate the wins along the way? 
  • Looking for an affordable way to gain all of the above? 

We hear you and we see you. We've all been there and this membership was made for YOU. 

I want to become a MOMENTUM Member!

What Can You Expect?

Monthly Masterclasses

Each month you can expect to learn something new to help you progress in your business and life

Make Connections 

We know being a business owner can be lonely, thats why we'll have monthly networking and drop in sessions for you to get to know each other and collaborate 

Zero Pressure

We know you've already got a lot to do, thats why our courses and classes are pre-recorded for you. Take only what you need, when you need it.

But that's not all... 

As a member you'll also get access to 

  • Quarterly interactive planning sessions to make sure every month of your business is productive & profitable 
  • Access to exclusive opportunities such as, hosting LIVE classes in our 1800+ Community, priority article submissions for our global Create Evolve Overcome magazine and a massive 50% discount on advertising with us.
  • As the membership grows, available anytime library content with meditations, visualisations and done for you Canva workbooks and products to use at your leisure
  • Monthly networking with your fellow community members and a chance to pitch your biz
  • Lifetime discount. As long as you remain a member, your price won't go up - even when we increase membership rates. 
  • FUN! Yes, it is possible to enjoy this process, we promise to make it an enjoyable experience
  • A space of non-judgement. This is one of our core values. Come exactly as you are because exactly who you are is PERFECTION.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Momentum Member? 

Joining MOMENTUM  will cost just £25 per month for as long as you're with us. No price increases, no tie-ins. Thats it. 


The doors are only open between 1st and 31st April 2021. At midnight on the 31st the doors will close and we won't re-open until 1st September 2021