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Monthly Masterclasses

Each month you can expect to learn something new to help you progress in your business and life. Get ahead in your field with our expert advice from industry leaders every single month. 

Make Connections 

We know being a business owner can be lonely, that's why we have networking and drop-in sessions on the last Friday of every month for you to get to know each other and collaborate.

Template Library

Each month we bring done-for-you, fully customisable templates to use in your business, plus how-to training leaving you free to do what you do best! 

Zero Pressure

We know you've already got a lot to do, thats why our courses and classes are pre-recorded for you. Take only what you need, when you need it.

Bonus Classes & Resources

Enjoy regular bonus classes and workshops from selected industry experts delivered right to your mobile or computer! Plus monthly resources and content calendars to keep you on track.

Facebook Community

Being an entrepreneur doesn't have to be lonely (although it sometimes feels that way!) This is a space to connect and seek guidance as well as help each other out. We know that we are stronger together and this space is all about collaboration.

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Karon Weeks (Founding Member) 

Joining momentum is like having a modern great Alexandra library at my fingertips.  There is a wealth of knowledge that is available and everyone is so helpful and inspiring.  Being a momentum member to me is like having twenty + business coaches all willing to guide me so I can create a business that is unique and successful.  As a business community we support and empower each other sharing our personal knowledge so we all can grow individually and as a community. Since joining momentum I have become a more confident business person knowing I have a supporting network behind me.

Ilana Jankowitz 

Momentum is the perfect tool for me as a busy working woman because I can log in any time and find what I need, when I need it. I’m not held to ‘office hours’ and can pick and choose when I participate. The social media templates and workbooks make life so much easier and allow me to be able to do the job I love without having to think about other things that may not be the best use of my time and energy.

Claire Whittaker

I have loved being a Momentum member. In particular, the planning sessions and support have helped me to gain the focus I needed to really drive my business forward. Thanks to the sessions I have been able to sign more clients and create a more streamlined business model that gives me more time behind me.

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Joining MOMENTUM  will cost just £25 per month for as long as you're with us. No price increases, no tie-ins. That's it. 



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  • Full Access to Library 24/7
  • Member Forum Access 
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  • Members Only Newsletter
  • Exclusive PR offers & Magazine Panel Inclusion
  • Free Quarterly Entrepreneurial Magazine Subscription