Autumnal reboot - Flying with the feminine

By Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel

Last month I talked about feeling reluctant to let Summer go, but I didn't tell you that I was hoping to have a holiday, as I hadn't had a proper break this Summer.  I was longing to have a change of scenery by flying with my partner to Brittany in northern France with his motor glider and have another flying adventure as we did three years ago. Unfortunately the weather didn't play ball at all so I had to content myself with a weekend in the New Forest by car.

It wasn't the same thing that I wanted, was it? It didn't have the same appeal either, as nice as the New Forest can be .... Why am I telling you this?

You might wonder ...

I am quite a private person to be honest, therefore to talk about myself openly with all of you doesn't come always easy, just the opposite!  I push myself to do it though because I know that I am not different to anybody else and so by sharing my little bits that I don't like or are uncomfortable, I hope you might recognise aspects of yourself and by doing that you might expand your consciousness a bit more and ...
Even just one little millimetre is good, good enough to move you further and expand to have more freedom in your life.

Yes, to expand one's own consciousness means to be freer and feel freer which is why I do what I do, I love pushing myself so that I can push other women to reach for more in their lives. 

As I was telling you, I was expecting to have a super exciting and romantic holiday with my partner before the Autumn would set in, but I didn't get it. The consequence of that was that without realising I fell into the trap of living in my head rather than being in the present and in my body. A very easy and alluring trap to fall into that can take you to start feeling despondent towards everything, if you don't catch yourself in time and this game goes on for too long. Let's say that in my case this faulty software ran in my hardware for a long while and so my body started feeling uncomfortable and despondent.

Have you ever been there?

I go there now and then and reasoning with myself doesn't bring many results either, I just keep going towards destination unhappiness and restlessness. When I realised that I wasn't in the right space and that I hadn't been for a while, I sat down with myself for a moment of silence and I just sat and sat ...

I felt sorry for myself for having fallen in a very well known trap again and I started feeling the desire to feel free again in the open air, outside the prison I had built for myself. I said to myself: "Gabriella, life is a holiday! Why are you wasting it by being unhappy? What are you doing?" I looked outside my window and really saw the beautiful trees that were starting to change colour and put on their autumnal look, the frenetic activity of squirrels that were stocking up their loot everywhere for later and realised how blessed I was.

Autumn is a colourful season that reminds us of abundance and celebration. Are you counting your blessings or are you doing what I have been doing: living in your head? Sometimes it is even difficult to realise that we are doing it! In case you do, just bring yourself gently home by inviting yourself to really see what is happening outside of your inner world and take inspiration by just being in silence in nature.

With love,

Gabriella copy.jpg

This month for me there is an extra reason to celebrate as it is my birthday soon! Another reason for me to celebrate this month is that my new website is finally finished, it has a new look and it will have an online booking system very soon too, yehaaaa!!!

By the way any feedback about it is very welcome, good or bad, please do let me know what you think!

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About Gabriella:

I am Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel, born in Italy I studied foreign languages at the University of Turin, my home city. I also qualified as a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in Florida and I travelled around Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Antarctica.

I am an author, speaker, visionary and coach who educates women about their female cycle and how the feminine consciousness operates to help them gain confidence, authority and fulfilment from their body and in life.

Learning about our own female cycle also helps to communicate with our partners and the world in a better way, a more feminine way so that we can achieve better intimacy and better relationships. I can help you understand your body and your mind, integrate your body’s and mind’s needs and move forward in your life.

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